boto3 code assistance for any API in any IDE, always up to date
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Gives you code assistance for any boto3 API in any IDE. Get started by running pip install botostubs


See demo gif on github


  • PyPI package automatically aligned with boto3 (yay!)
  • show required / optional fields
  • full api coverage

How it works

We look for all boto3 clients by running boto itself. Then loop over each of them to find what operations and classes are used. These are all dumped in a new python script, packaged in this project. This way, botostubs can offer comprehensive API coverage.

The deployment pipeline on AWS checks for boto3 releases every 3 days, installs it, generate new stubs and pushes them to PyPI. Looking for a new API released a few days ago? Just upgrade the package with pip install --upgrade botostubs and you're good to go.

For an in-depth account, see the blog post Code assistance for boto3, always up to date and in any IDE


Support python versions before 3.5. Currently requires at least 3.5 due to use of type hints.


pyboto3 for inspiration behind this. It supported only legacy Python and not Python 3. Besides, it is no longer being maintained.

For forkers

Automated releasing on pypi

Deploy the pipeline in your AWS account by clicking this button:

Manual Releasing on pypi

  • docker-compose build
  • docker-compose run python. Enter credentials when prompted