A web app to visualise arbitrary cloudformation templates for both browser and server
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A web app to visualise arbitrary cloudformation templates in the browser. Supports both yaml and json.


  1. docker-compose up
  2. Open browser at http://localhost

Sample images generated

Close up view


  • Good looking images :)
  • upload either yaml/json
  • supports !Ref, !GetAtt, simple !Sub intrinsic functions
  • Export to png or jpeg
  • query to focus only on selected objects (WIP)
  • Shows CFN pseudo parameters
  • Hover edge to describe resources' relationship
  • Click resource to show its details
  • Manual reposition of resources
  • Server side image generation by POSTing to http://cytoscape:3000, E.g http://cytoscape:3000/post?format=png&width=500&height=200&layout=cose-bilkent. With the python requests library, you would do it like follows: requests.post('http://cytoscape:3000/post?format=png&width=7500&height=5000&layout=cose-bilkent',None,{'body': rendered_region_template})

Known issues

  • If the template contains multiple resources/parameters/etc that reuse same name, e.g SecurityGroups in Resources and Outputs sections, the parser doesn't distinguish among them and may show and incorrect connection among them. Workaround: rename your objects so that they have unique names.

Original readme:


This tool is for creating visualizations of CloudFormation templates. It outputs Graphviz dot files. It can be used like this:

cat example.template | ./cfviz.py | dot -Tsvg -oexample.svg

The only dependency of the cfviz script is Python. You will also need to have Graphviz graphviz installed for the output to be any use.

The samples samples directory contains output of running the tool over the samples aws-samples provided by AWS.