Algoritmos Paralelo - CC301
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Basic Integration
Linear Systems

Parallel Algorithms- CC301

UNI - Facultad de Ciencias 2014 - 1

Taught by: Glen Rodriguez

Modified algorithms by : Jesus Lovon

Aboute the code files:

  • hola.c : Basic communication test between processors. Recognize master worker

Basic Integration:

  • ejemplo1.c : Basic example of integration using rectangles, calculating pi using a quarter of a circle
  • trapecio.c: Same as ejemplo1.c but using trapezoidal rule for integration.
  • simpson.c: Same as ejemplo1.c but using Simpson's rule
  • ejemplo2.c: Calculating PI using Monte Carlo Method, simple method with square.
  • ejemplo3.c/ejemplo3-1.c: Calculating PI using Monte Carlo Method, better precision reducing area.
  • ejemplo3-2.c: Calculating PI using Monte Carlo Method, better precision faster than ejemplo3.c using 2 areas.

Linear Systems:

  • linear.c: Sequential program using Monte Carlo with random walk to solve a linear system
  • linear_eq_p1.c: Parallel program doing the same as linear.c
  • linear_eq_p2.c: Parallel Monte Carlo using a different estimator
  • linear_eq_p3.c: Parallel Monte Carlo reusing calculated values
  • poissonparalelo.c: Parallel Monte Carlo to solve Poisson Equation with source 2pi(x²+y²) in a 11 square, and 0.50.5 hole
  • metropolisparalelo.c: Metropolis and MonteCarlo method for calculating an integral.