Python3 event-driven modular IRC bot
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Python3 event-driven modular IRC bot!


Use pip3 install -r requirements.txt to install them all at once.


To get BitBot off the ground, there's some API-keys and the like in bot.conf.example. move it to bot.conf, fill in the API keys you want (and remove the ones you don't want - this will automatically disable the modules that rely on them.)


BitBot's National Rail module can optionally include output from Network Rail's SCHEDULE via Eagle. Configuration on BitBot's end is covered by the eagle- keys in bot.conf.example.


Just run ./

On first boot, he'll ask for a first server to connect to then exit. do ./ again and he'll connect to that server and join #bitbot (to get him to join other channels, simply invite him to them.)


Come say hi at ##bitbot on freenode