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Setting up BitBot

  • Move bot.conf.example to bot.conf and fill in the config options you care about. Ones blank or removed will disable relevant functionality.
  • Run ./ -a to add a server.
  • Run ./ -m permissions -M master-password to get the master admin password (needed to add regular admin accounts)
  • Run ./ to start the bot.
  • Join #bitbot on a server with the bot (or invite it to another channel)
  • /msg <bot> register <password here> to register your nickname with the bot
  • /msg <bot> masterlogin <master admin password> to login as master admin
  • /msg <bot> givepermission <your nickname> * to give your account admin permissions

Configure client TLS certificate

Generate a TLS keypair and point bot.conf's tls-key to the private key and tls-certificate to the public key.

Configure SASL

Configure the bot to use SASL to authenticate (usually used for NickServ identification)

EXTERNAL usually mean client TLS certificate authentication; USERPASS is a BitBot-specific term that selects the strongest user/password algorithm.

/msg <bot> config server sasl userpass <username>:<password>

/msg <bot> config server sasl plain <username>:<password>

/msg <bot> config server sasl scram-sha-1 <username>:<password>

/msg <bot> config server sasl scram-sha-256 <username>:<password>

/msg <bot> config server sasl external

Commands on-connect

The module allows the bot to execute a saved list of raw IRC commands against a server it's connecting to. Use /msg <bot> performadd <raw irc command> to add to the current server's list of commands (%nick% in a raw command will be replaced with the bot's current nick.)

Config options

View available config options

/msg <bot> config bot|server|channel|user

Set config options

/msg <bot> config bot <setting> <value>

/msg <bot> config server <setting> <value>

/msg <bot> config channel:#bitbot <setting> <value>

/msg <bot> config user <setting> <value>

/msg <bot> config user:other_user <setting> <value>

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