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A TACtic library for Agda
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ataca: A TACtic library for Agda

This library provides an interface for writing tactics for Agda. It also provides several basic tactics and tactic combinators.

Currently the following tactics are supported:

  • exact: solve a goal with an explicitly given value
  • admit: solve a goal by creating a new postulate
  • assumption: search the context for a variable that fits the goal
  • intro: refine the goal by introducing a lambda
  • intros: refine the goal by introducing as many lambdas as possible
  • introAbsurd: solve the goal with an absurd lambda
  • introConstructor: refine the goal by introducing a constructor that fits the hole
  • introConstructors: refine the goal by repeatedly introducing constructors that fit the (sub)goals
  • refine: refine the goal with a given term applied to some arguments
  • mini-auto: repeatedly apply assumption, intro, and introConstructor
  • mini-auto-with: repeatedly apply assumption, intro, introConstructor, and refine with terms from a given list of hints
  • destruct: case split on the given variable (using a pattern-matching lambda)

The library is currently still work in progress and anything is subject to change at any time.

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