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JAX-RS with Jersey and Grizzly or Jetty on Heroku

JAX-RS is a great way to build RESTful services in Java. This is a very quick and simple example of how you can deploy a JAX-RS application on Heroku.

Assuming you're already set up with Heroku including the foreman tool, all you need to do to run this locally is

  1. Clone this repo
  2. cd into the directory
  3. mvn package
  4. foreman start

To deploy to Heroku:

  1. heroku create --stack cedar
  2. git push heroku master
  3. curl http://[appname]

It's that simple.

Grizzly or Jetty

The master branch currently uses Grizzly. If you want to use Jetty, check out the jetty branch instead:

$ git clone -b jetty