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A nodejs module for communicating with the Lego NXT Mindstorms brick using the direct commands over bluetooth.
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# Mindstorms BlueTooth

Mindstorms bluetooth is a nodejs module to communicate with your mindstorm brick using the direct api over bluetooth.

## How to install:

	npm install mindstorms_bluetooth
## How to use:

First setup your Lego Mindstoms NXT brick. It will create a serial port, get that name. On Mac OS X is it on the form: /dev/tty.NXT-DevB, or at least on my mac is it so.

Require it, initialize and use.

var Nxt = require('mindstorms_bluetooth').Nxt;

var nxt = new Nxt("/dev/tty.NXT-DevB");
nxt.play_tone(440, 1000);

# API:

Please see the nxt.js for now. I will create a better api documentation soon.

# Bigger example

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