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Super lightweight replacement for JQuery and bootstrap.js for Bootstrap v. 3 and v. 4 projects.

1.3 KB minified and gzipped. No dependencies.

Only very basic functionality is provided for Modals, Dropdowns, Tabs, Alerts, and Collapses (tool bar).

To use it, simply copy the 'bsjslight3.min.js' or 'bsjslight4.min.js' file (depending on your version of Bootstrap) to your website and reference it on a web-page (<script src="bsjslight3.min.js"></script>) and get rid of JQuery and the Bootstrap javascript (bootstrap.js) files/references.

Demo pages: Bootstrap v. 3 / Bootstrap v. 4

It works perfectly with Vue.js (and presummably React, Angular, etc.) - which is why I wrote it. For more on background and motivation for this project, see

Supported Bootstrap components


  • Supports data-toggle="modal" / data-target="#MyModal" / href="#MyModal" on trigger button/link.
  • Or open via JavaScript with BSLight.ModalShow('#MyModal',<callback>) (replacing $('#myModal').modal() / $('#myModal').modal('show')).
  • Supports data-dismiss="modal" on trigger elements (like X close button).
  • Or hide via JavaScript with BSLight.ModalHide(<result-string>) (replacing $('#myModal').modal('hide')).
  • Supports data-keyboard="true/false" on .modal (default = true).
  • Supports data-background="true/false/static" on .modal (default = true).

Bootstrap docs for Modal: Bootstrap v. 3 / Bootstrap v. 4


  • Supports data-toggle="dropdown" on trigger button/link.
  • Or open via JavaScript with BSLight.Dropdown(<trigger-button/link-element>).

Bootstrap docs for Dropdown: Bootstrap v. 3 / Bootstrap v. 4


  • Supports data-toggle="tab" (or pill) / data-target="#Tab2Content" / href="#Tab2Content" on tab button/link.
  • Or open via JavaScript with BSLight.Tab(<trigger-button/link-element>,'#Tab2Content').

Bootstrap docs for Tab: Bootstrap v. 3 / Bootstrap v. 4


  • Supports data-dismiss="alert" on trigger element (X close button).
  • Or dismiss via JavaScript with BSLight.AlertDismiss(<trigger-button-element>).

Bootstrap docs for Alert: Bootstrap v. 3 / Bootstrap v. 4

Collapse (fx. Navbar burger)

  • Supports data-toggle="collapse" / data-target="#collapse1" / href="#collapse1" on trigger button/link.

Bootstrap docs for Collapse: Bootstrap v. 3 / Bootstrap v. 4


  • Supports data-ride="carousel" on root, and data-slide / data-slide-to / data-target="#carousel1" / href="#carousel1" on trigger button/link.
  • Or initialize via JavaScript with BSLight.Carousel(<carousel-element>).

Bootstrap docs for Carousel: Bootstrap v. 3 / Bootstrap v. 4


This project uses Semantic Versioning.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


Contributions are most welcome. No contribution is too big or too small.

Fork this repository, clone locally, make your updates, commit, push, create a pull request in GitHub...

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