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HTML snippets for building HTML to website (works in textmate, e-texteditor, gedit, etc)
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README.markdown HTML snippets

HTML snippets for building HTML to website (works in textmate, e-texteditor, gedit, etc)

This snippet library will reflect content in the Virk HTMLguide, currently at

In general we found that developers are more productive with a HTML Guide than just the design specification. See my article Design Guide or HTML Markup Guide. Using HTML snippets makes development even faster.

Snippets available

skel(tab) -- creates HTML skeleton in blank file. Adds correct doctype, head, body and container divs required for the html to show correctly.

fieldset(tab) Groups of form elements. Use where you would have used ordinary fieldsets. See HTML guide » Form grupper (fieldsets)
float(tab) -- ??

button(tab) -- submit button and other buttons. See HTML guide » Knapper

inputcheck(tab) -- standard checkbox with label and group
inputradio(tab) -- radio button (Not implemented)
inputtext(tab) -- text field
select(tab) -- select element
option(tab) -- options inside a select element
readonly(tab) -- readonly element (readonly text that is visually set up to work with form elements)
textarea(tab) -- textarea element

Usage examples see HTML guide Simple form elementer, Særlige form elementer

table(tab) -- table element. See HTML guide » Tabeller
td(tab) -- table cell inside table row.
th(tab) -- table header cell inside table row.

Installing the snippets

Download from the virk_dk_htmlsnippets project page on GitHub

Unzip the file and do the following:

  • Mac/Textmate: Just double-click the .tmbundle folder will install the bundle in textmate
  • Windows/E-texteditor: Just copy the .tmbundle folder to the "Bundles" folder in the user settings application directory, usually something like "C:\Documents and Settings[username]\Application Data\e"

Contributors can read more in the following section (TODO list)

Work in progress -- TODO list

NOTE that the current state of these snippets is quite uncomplete. Feel free to fill in the gaps and send me your change suggestions.

I left the actual code here all of a sudden half a year ago. So chances are you will find gaps and holes. Here are some of the obvious I saw.

  • There are references to 'BRS brugerrettigheds administration' -- should be changed to virk
  • There are at least one 'To be done' reference in a snippet
  • Creating other sets of snippets for supporting this HTML markup. For instance, I'd like to create a Rails form builder called something like VirkFormBuilder that could create the relevant HTML code.

Developers and contributors would have to create a fork of this project (and send me pull requests). You could also ask me for commit rights directly on this project. Send me your first patch and GitHub user ID.

Snippets created by Jesper Rønn-Jensen,, Capgemini 2008

License: This code is released under the GNU LGPL license (Full details in lgpl.txt file).

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