Combine text files in a folder and copy to clipboard.
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Combine Files

Gets text files in folder, copys the text, moves the files to 'combined/', transliterates unicode to ASCII, saves to clipboard, writes the last combine to text file.

Designed for OS X.

Requires stringex gem.


$ gem install stringex
$ git clone

Platypus Instructions

This script is designed to work well with Platypus.

To install the gem dependency in Platypus, follow these steps:

  1. Download the .gem from

  2. Make a gems/ folder. Put the .gem inside.

  3. Using a terminal, cd to just above the gems/ folder.

  4. This should create a bunch of folders when you install the gem locally:

     $ export GEM_HOME=$PWD/gems/
     $ gem install --local gems/stringex-1.5.1.gem
  5. Create your Platypus app, add the gems/ folder to the list of files to be bundled.

Regarding Ruby, Platypus, and Gem Dependencies

To get Platypus to work with gems, follow the above instructions, then at the top of your script add:

require 'rubygems'
Gem.use_paths(nil, Gem.path << 'gems/')

This will tell Platypus to look in the gems/ folder for the libraries you need.


You can edit the folder_loc variable at the bottom of the script. Then use:

For instance:"./").run

would combine the files in the current folder.


  • if no combined/ folder, create it
  • choose files to ignore
  • port to other operating systems