On the Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) dock, removes Finder and Trash icons.
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Hide Finder and Trash Dock Icons

For Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) I use the Path Finder app instead of the default OS X Finder, and I never use the Trash icon on the Dock either, so I wrote this AppleScript to hide those icons and leave only what I use.

Overview of Script

  • turns off Dock indicator lights (little dots next to icon)
  • restarts Dock
  • hides Finder and Trash icons
  • turns on indicator lights (so there is not a floating dot where the Finder icon was)


First you need to add the "Remove from Dock" option to Finder and Trash.

  • Helpful instructions at:


  • More detailed:


Basically (to quote softwater and donedamned):

  1. Make a backup of the file: /System/Library/CoreServices/Dock.app/Contents/Resources/DockMenus.plist

(copy file and rename this new file to "DockMenus.backup.plist")

  1. In DockMenus.plist, search for:

a. "finder-running"

b. and "trash" in the plist file and add at the end of both (right before the "</array>") in both the following:


You can do it with a text editor like the free Text Wrangler.

(Note: OS X seems wonky here with Section 3. Random inconsistencies, it seems. Systematically keep trying different ways if it doesn't work, is all I can suggest.)

  1. To make it run at log in:

a. Open script in AppleScript Editor

b. File > Export > File Format > Application > Save

Alternatively for a & b: Download .app from Github repo

c. Run app. Accept that it's not allowed assistive access yet.

d. System Preferences > Security & Privacy > (Privacy tab) > (click lock) > (uncheck then check box for script app) > (click lock)

e. System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Items > (plus symbol: +) > (add file)

You'll need to allow access in Administrative Assistance.


If you want to undo the entire procedure:

  1. Delete the file called 'DockMenus.plist' and then rename 'DockMenus.backup.plist' to 'DockMenus.plist'.

  2. In Terminal run "killall Dock".

Email Me

If you have any issues, contact me at: me@jessecummins.com

Thanks To

  • softwater
  • donedamned
  • Alexandr Mazanov