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  • Either update the existing style or make a new one
    • May as well use OneUI class names, whether or not I use the style itself
  • Fix comment posting on iOS
    • Could add a Markdown option for all users as well, potentially
  • Add web UIs for post/comment/etc. management
  • Add email notifications (all new comments for me, "when others comment" for commenters)
  • Add a Google AdSense module (?)


  • Figure out why method bindings don't have access to Ruby objects in dataContexts
  • Fix some non-serializable Ruby data-type problems
    • String results turn into unserializably-encoded strings for some reason
  • Add Ruby script libraries as a design element in Designer (
  • Get Designer to understand (or at least completely ignore) Ruby value/method bindings
  • See about replacing the .runScriptlet() method_missing with a Java implementation (.getProvider().getRuntime().setDefaultMethodMissing()?)
  • Ruby compiled classes via Designer - *.rb files translated to *.java via the JRuby compiler in the Eclipse workspace - to be analogous to the Java design element

Domino Classes

  • to_json for Views and Documents


  • Improve scripting support for other languages
    • Investigate why Python vomits up NullPointerExceptions after the first page load
  • Domino as a Rails app server?