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emacs := /Applications/
unexport EMACSLOADPATH # evil emacs!
.PHONY : ce install clean clean-emacs-backups clean-compiled-files clean-generated-dependencies test
project-prefix := ce
elisp-files := $(basename $(wildcard $(project-prefix)-*.el))
perl-scripts := validate
els := $(addsuffix .el,$(elisp-files))
el-deps := $(addsuffix .deps,$(elisp-files))
elcs := $(addsuffix .elc,$(elisp-files))
pls := $(addsuffix .pl,$(perl-scripts))
files := Makefile .gitignore $(els) $(pls) README.mkdn
emacs-backups := $(addsuffix ~,$(files))
empty :=
install-root = $(if $(HOME),$(HOME),$(empty))
install-dir = $(install-root)/share/emacs/site-lisp/sep
all: $(elcs)
%.deps: %.el ce-requires.elc
@set -e; \
rm -f $@; \
/bin/echo -n "$*.el : " > $@; \
$(emacs) --batch --no-site-file --no-site-file --no-window-system --load ce-requires.el --eval '(setq max-lisp-eval-depth 1000)' --eval '(batch-require-forms-in-file "$*.el")' | grep "^$(project-prefix)-" | sed -e 's/$$/.elc/' | tr '\n' ' ' >> $@;
%.elc: %.el
@$(emacs) --no-window-system \
--no-site-file \
--no-init-file \
--batch \
--directory '.' \
--funcall batch-byte-compile $*.el
install: $(elcs) $(els)
mkdir -p $(install-dir)
for el in $(els); do cp $$el $(install-dir); done
for elc in $(elcs); do cp $$elc $(install-dir); done
@echo "Don't forget to add $(install-dir) to your Emacs load path!"
@echo "In your Emacs initialization file, add"
@echo " (add-to-list 'load-path \"$(install-dir)\")"
@echo " (require 'ce)"
@echo "so that SEP copyeditor mode is loaded whenever you start Emacs."
@echo "The functionality is located in the 'SEP' menu, which ought to be"
@echo "visible in your menu bar if the (require 'ce) form was evaluated"
@echo "without error."
rm -Rf $(install-dir)
rm -f $(emacs-backups)
rm -f $(elcs)
rm -f $(el-deps)
test: $(project-prefix)-test.elc
$(emacs) --batch --directory '.' --load $(project-prefix)-test.elc -f ert-run-tests-batch-and-exit
-include $(el-deps)