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(require 'cl)
(require 'nxml-mode)
(require 'ce-macros))
(declare-function some "cl-seq.el")
(declare-function subseq "cl-extra.el")
(declare-function substitute "cl-seq.el")
;; Sequences
(defun member-of-some-array (thing list-of-arrays)
"Does THING belong to any of the arrays in LIST-OF-ARRAYS?"
(some #'(lambda (entity-array)
(or (string= thing (aref entity-array 0))
(string= thing (aref entity-array 1))
(string= thing (aref entity-array 2))))
;; Strings
(defun ce-dash-squeeze-spaces (string)
(let ((space-space-position (string-match "[[:space:]][[:space:]]" string)))
(if space-space-position
(concat (subseq string 0 (1- space-space-position))
(ce-dash-squeeze-spaces (subseq string (1+ space-space-position))))
(defun ce-dash-first-non-space-position (string)
(string-match "[^[:space:]]" string))
(defun ce-dash-kill-initial-whitespace (string)
(let ((first-non-space-position (ce-dash-first-non-space-position string)))
(if first-non-space-position
(subseq string first-non-space-position)
(defun ce-dash-nuke-whitespace (string)
(let ((no-initial-whitespace (ce-dash-kill-initial-whitespace string)))
(let ((no-newlines (substitute ?\s ?\n no-initial-whitespace)))
(let ((no-tabs (substitute ?\s ?\t no-newlines)))
(ce-dash-squeeze-spaces no-tabs)))))
(defun entirely-whitespace (string)
(not (null (string-match "^[[:space:]]*$" string))))
(defun position-of-substring-in-string (string substring)
(let ((substring-len (length substring)))
for i from 0 upto (1- (length string))
for window = (substring string i (+ i substring-len))
when (string= window substring) do (return i)
finally (return nil))))
(defun position-of-substring-in-string-from-end (string substring)
(let ((substring-len (length substring))
(len (length string)))
for i from (1- len) downto 0
for window = (substring string i (min len (+ i substring-len)))
when (string= window substring) do (return i)
finally (return nil))))
(defun highlight-string-region (string begin end &optional window)
(when (null window)
(setf window 10))
(let* ((len (length string))
(start (max 0 (- begin window)))
(finish (min (1- len) (+ end window))))
for i from start upto finish
for c = (aref string i)
(when (= i begin)
(princ "==>"))
(cond ((char-equal c ?\n)
(princ "[newline]"))
((char-equal c ?\t)
(princ "[tab]"))
((char-equal c ?-)
(princ "[hyphen]"))
((char-equal c ?–)
(princ "[endash]"))
((char-equal c ?—)
(princ "[emdash]"))
((char-equal c ?−)
(princ "[minus]"))
(princ (format "%c" c))))
(when (= i end)
(princ "<=="))))))
;; Lists
(defun first-n (list n)
for i from 1 upto n
for elt in list
collect elt into answer
finally (return answer)))
;; Numbers
(defun positivep (x)
(and (integerp x)
(> x 0)))
(provide 'ce-utils)
;; Local Variables:
;; byte-compile-warnings: (not cl-functions)
;; End:
;;; ce-utils.el ends here
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