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;;; ce-validate.el --- Validate the HTML of SEP entries
;;; Commentary:
;; This file defines functionality concerning the validation of SEP entries.
;;; Code:
(require 'cl)
(require 'nxml-mode)
(require 'rng-valid)
;; Our stuff
(require 'ce-macros)
(require 'ce-utils)
(require 'ce-entities))
(declare-function rng-validate-mode "rng-valid.el")
(defconst +non-ascii-regexp+ "[[:nonascii:]]")
(defun ce-validate ()
"Validate the current buffer."
;; can we run rng-validate-mode?
(when (not (and (fboundp 'rng-validate-mode)
(fboundp 'nxml-mode)))
(error "Unable to run the validator (either nxml-mode or rng-validate-mode seems to be missing)"))
;; switch to nxml mode
(when (not (eq major-mode 'nxml-mode))
(when (not (member 'rng-validate-mode minor-mode-list))
(let ((next-structural-error (ce-validate-next-structural-error)))
(if next-structural-error
(goto-char next-structural-error)
(let ((next-entity-error (ce-validate-next-entity-error)))
(if next-entity-error
(let ((num-non-ascii-chars (count-matches +non-ascii-regexp+)))
(if (zerop num-non-ascii-chars)
(message "XHTML is structurally valid, all entities are known, and there are no non-ASCII characters.")
(occur +non-ascii-regexp+)
(message "XHTML is structurally valid and all entities are valid XHTML entities, but there is at least one non-ASCII character in the current buffer."))))))))))
(defun ce-validate-next-entity-error ()
"The position of the first entity error in the current buffer.
If there are no errors, return NIL."
(let (bad-position)
(goto-char (point-min))
(let* ((begin (point-min))
(token (xmltok-forward))
(end (point)))
(while token
(if (eq token 'entity-ref)
(let ((entity (buffer-substring-no-properties begin end)))
(if (ce-entities-known-entity entity)
(setf begin end
token (xmltok-forward)
end (point))
(setf bad-position begin
token nil)))
(setf begin end
token (xmltok-forward)
end (point))))))
(defun ce-validate-entities ()
"Check that all entities in the current buffer are valid XHTML entities."
(let ((bad-position (ce-validate-next-entity-error)))
(if bad-position
(goto-char bad-position)
(message "Bad entity here."))
(message "All entities in the current buffer are valid."))))
(defun ce-validate-next-error ()
"Go to the next structural XML error."
(let ((structure-error (ce-validate-next-structural-error)))
(if structure-error
(message "Malformed/unexpected XHTML structure.")
(goto-char structure-error))
(let ((entity-error (ce-validate-next-entity-error)))
(message "") ; clear the echo area in case some rng or nxml
; function put something there
(if entity-error
(goto-char entity-error)
(message "Bad entity here."))
(message "No XHTML errors in the current buffer."))))))
(defun ce-validate-next-structural-error ()
"The position of the next structural XML error.
If there is no structural XML error, return NIL."
(let (error-position)
(goto-char (point-min))
(let ((err (rng-next-error 1)))
(when err
(setf error-position (point))))
(message ""))
(defun ce-validate-previous-error ()
"Go to the previous structural XML error."
(rng-next-error -1))
(defun ce-validate-confirm ()
(start-process "validate"
(provide 'ce-validate)
;; Local Variables:
;; byte-compile-warnings: (not cl-functions)
;; End:
;;; ce-validate.el ends here
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