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Tools for exploring logic through Lorenzen dialogue games.
Common Lisp
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Latest commit 86d37fa Jesse Alama Bump limit in light of SYJ203+1.003.
SYJ203+1.004 needs a depth of at least 50.  An suggestive correspondence
between the number of times weakening needs to be used in LI ("LJ") and
the number of times Proponent needs to repeat himself.  (Thereby
illustrating, again, the incompleteness of the "E + No-Repetitions"


This bundle of code is intended as a kind of laboratory for working with Lorenzen dialogues.

This work is supported primarily by the ESF research project Dialogical Foundations of Semantics within the ESF Eurocores program LogICCC (funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation, FCT LogICCC/0001/2007) and by FWF grant P25417-G15 (LOGFRADIG).

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