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raco pkg install json-pointer

JSON Pointer is a straightforward notation for referring to values embedded within a JSON document. Given a JSON object like this:

    "foo": 5,
    "bar": [ 1, 2 ]

the JSON Pointer expression /foo has the value 5, whereas the expressions /bar/0 and /bar/1 have the values 1 and 2, respectively.

JSON Pointer is an IETF standard RFC 6901.


This library exports five functions:


  • json-pointer? checks whether a string adheres to the syntax of JSON Pointer
  • json-pointer-expression? checks whether a list is a suitable representation of the steps that make up a JSON Pointer expression

Parsing and rendering

  • parse-json-pointer: Produces a JSON Pointer expression from a JSON Pointer
  • expression->pointer: Produces a JSON Pointer from a JSON Pointer expression


  • json-pointer-value takes two arguments: a JSON Pointer (json-pointer?, defined in this library) and a JSON document (jsexpr?, provided by the standard json module) and evaluates the JSON Pointer within the document.