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deps moving odl stuff and deps into subdirectories
devel Insight: use --cached in git diff-index.
doc more details in fine-deps
git-template Set up a template git repository.
lisp Use a custom request dispatcher.
old moving odl stuff and deps into subdirectories
t Make MML 4.150.1103 available for testing.
xsl4mizar @ a21c713 Add (my, jessealama's) xsl4mizar as a submodule.
.gitmodules Add (my, jessealama's) xsl4mizar as a submodule.
Makefile-depsrepo deps is now also a file created by tsort-ing other .dep files (aka
Makefile.coqrepo contents link, optionalized the testing case with a small nr of artic…
Makefile.corninstall mirror implemented - will this work??
Makefile.install No git dameon.
Makefile.repo Merge remote branch 'remotes/josef/master'
Makefile.smallinstall Merge remote branch 'remotes/josef/master' more itemization
TODO Merge with Josef. different apacheconf for mizar - no "doc" subdir doc/html
article.css Color for "constants".
article.js Factor out javascript.
c_wrapper.c c-wrapper for perl recommended at…
commit.cgi The htmldir is now a git config variable better directories
coqdoc.css seems that #main does not work inside ikiwiki, seems not needed (maki… the coqdoc footer contents added header for index files
corn-gitignore gitignore for corn found 8.2
corn-public-repo-description corn-public-repo-decription print and htmlize possible duplications in corn by looking at the dpd…
cornlist list of corn sources in topological sorting - usable also for mwiki
cwiki.cgi creating the dir if needed Set up a little MIZFILES and start doing some stuff with it.
depends git-daemon-run dependency
devel-repo-description Big refactoring. A git/linux kernel like output when building. new version of
edit.css Factor out edit page CSS. Use envget with long lines. Big refactoring.
git-notes.txt Some notes on our git implementation. attempt to take good stuff from the ikiwiki's git plugin - this should
gitignore-devel Big refactoring.
gitignore-public Big refactoring.
gitweb Big refactoring. commited the ikiwiki's git plugin we should be re-using this, it look… cgi sessions, link scanning, more templates
index.css Whitespace. 10 articles executable made executable A tool to help me test this stuff on my mac. Whitespace. new library, doing mwiki.cgi and gitweb too mizfiles=/home/urban/mizinst/7.11.06_4.145.1096 fdeps debugged Otput the extracted text of each item to the command line only when d… refactor, eliminate bashism (thanks, ubuntu) better doc Move to fdeps debugged commited the parallelizer from the MPTP2 repo, to steal code from it … Use LINK, not STYLE. more general mkxmlhead
mml-gitignore ignoring .fdeps and deps
mmlident.html mmlident
mwiki-frontpage.apacheconf 0000INDEX.html mwiki-gitdaemon has --base-path=/var/cache; to allow multiple repos i…
mwiki.apacheconf We need to use index.html, not 00INDEX.html.
mwiki.cgi Merge remote branch 'remotes/josef/master'
my-pre-commit A fun little guy.
my-pre-receive Seems to be working
post-commit 00INDEX.html as the default index
post-commit-coq post-commit for coq pushing to mirror_repo in post-update
pre-commit ALLOW_SKIPPED_PROOFS --> ALLOWSKIPPEDPROOFS (git-config does not like…
pre-commit-coq ALLOW_SKIPPED_PROOFS --> ALLOWSKIPPEDPROOFS (git-config does not like… tail -n +2 used to remove the first line with commit sha and message tail -n +2 used to remove the first line with commit sha and message
public-repo-description Big refactoring.
reservations.el Numbers are unfortunately not acceptable names of identifiers. First bug-ridden stab at properly breaking up reservation blocks.
strip_lines_and_column_info.xsl A more compact representation of the makefile.
strip_lines_and_column_info.xsltxt Strip even more content from XML-ized mizar articles. fixed, seems working with latexmlc (from the latexmld package) Robust. Extract the vocabulary items (symbols) for MML articles.
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