Basic resume site written with Python - bottle, YAML - config file, Bootstrap - pretty frontend
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This is a Python based CMS for a small personal website. The back end uses the bottle web framework and the front end is bootstrap. YAML is used for site specific configurations. Tested with Python 2.7 only.

Under the Hood

Bootstrap v4 Bottle Google Fonts The Open Source Community <3


  1. Clone this github repo into your desired webroot.

  2. Install missing libraries if any: pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. You can configure everything (e.g. the webroot absolute path, your photo, quote, etc) by renaming config/config.yaml.sample to config.yaml and replacing all the sample data with your own real data.

  4. The website assumes you're running on a Linux server with apache. I use the mod_wsgi apache module to deliver this content.

  • In config/example_apache_vhost.conf I have an example apache virutal host config. I recommend creating a special user and group for this website to run as.
  • There is also a mandatory config/wsgi.conf you'll need to put in your apache config. You may also need to modify permissions for the socket file if you are running CentOS/RHEL, which will live in /var/run/http.
  1. All changes to HTML, CSS, JS, Python, or your core YAML will require an apache restart - with this specific configuration for the web server portion.

Sample Site

A demo lives at my personal resume site: