Chrome Extension that makes a web page appear like it was written by The Greatest of All Time
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Run Rickey Run!

Rickey Henderson, a Hall of Fame outfielder with the Oakland Athletics, was a big personality who was known for talking in the third-person. Such a privilege is earned, not given.

Rickey Henderson played 25 Major League seasons, is a two-time World Series winner, and has the all-time record for stolen bases at 1,406. As it stands, this record is widely regarded as one that will never be broken.

Run Rickey Run is a fun Chrome Extension that makes a web page look like it was written by The Greatest of All Time

Run Rickey Run changes every instance of first-person pronouns on a web page to "Rickey Henderson," and updates the web page's styling to cool Oakland A's colors!

  • Example: "I don't like it when I can't find my limo" gets changed to "Rickey Henderson don't like it when Rickey Henderson can't find Rickey Henderson's limo."


Chrome Web Store Link

You can also use the extension locally! Follow these steps:

  • Clone the repository to your machine to a place where you know you can find it (like the Desktop)
  • Open a Chrome browser and go to chrome://extensions/
  • Click the check box marked Developer Mode in the top right corner
  • Then click the bar "Load unpacked extension" and select the Run Rickey Run directory. You should see the extension's icon appear with your other icons!

Rickey Stories ⚾

Former Big Leaguer Harry Reynolds telling Rickey stories

Top Ten Times Rickey Henderson referred to himself in the third person



G.O.A.T 🐐


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