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Quick and dirty wordlist based word generator for inspiration when naming shit

Works like the github repo name generator, making things like:

baroque-macrology-gophers naivest-jello-nastygram gunning-studly-quarters


install it

npm install wordgenerator

in your codes:

var WordGenerator = require('wordgenerator')

Now you can

new WordGenerator({num : 3, separator : '-'},function(err,words){
  var randomWords = words

If you want to use it more than once, it's smarter to:

var generator = new WordGenerator()

That way the lists will be cached and all that goodness. Now you can

generator.generate({num : 3, separator : '-'},function(err,words){
  var randomWords = words

The options can just be a boolean to take defaults, which are {num : 3, separator : '-'}:

  var randomWords = words


Add your own words from a file:

var wg = new WordGenerator()
wg.addFile(__dirname + '/relative/path/to/file.lst')

Words are stored on the generator, so go nuts:


However, the length is cached, so you must update it too.

wg.numWords ++

Hate my words? Well whatever, just clear them out and replace them

wg.words = ['coffin']
wg.numWords = 1

Now the only word it generates is "coffin", and calling it is a waste of cpu.