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File metadata and controls

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User Config

Default path for the config file:

  • Linux: ~/.config/lazygit/config.yml
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application\ Support/lazygit/config.yml
  • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\lazygit\config.yml (default location, but it will also be found in %APPDATA%\lazygit\config.yml

For old installations (slightly embarrassing: I didn't realise at the time that you didn't need to supply a vendor name to the path so I just used my name):

  • Linux: ~/.config/jesseduffield/lazygit/config.yml
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application\ Support/jesseduffield/lazygit/config.yml
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\jesseduffield\lazygit\config.yml

If you want to change the config directory:

  • MacOS: export XDG_CONFIG_HOME="$HOME/.config"

JSON schema is available for config.yml so that IntelliSense in Visual Studio Code (completion and error checking) is automatically enabled when the YAML Red Hat extension is installed. However, note that automatic schema detection only works if your config file is in one of the standard paths mentioned above. If you override the path to the file, you can still make IntelliSense work by adding

# yaml-language-server: $schema=

to the top of your config file or via Visual Studio Code settings.json config.


# Config relating to the Lazygit UI
  # The number of lines you scroll by when scrolling the main window
  scrollHeight: 2

  # If true, allow scrolling past the bottom of the content in the main window
  scrollPastBottom: true

  # See
  scrollOffMargin: 2

  # One of: 'margin' (default) | 'jump'
  scrollOffBehavior: margin

  # If true, capture mouse events.
  # When mouse events are captured, it's a little harder to select text: e.g. requiring you to hold the option key when on macOS.
  mouseEvents: true

  # If true, do not show a warning when discarding changes in the staging view.
  skipDiscardChangeWarning: false

  # If true, do not show warning when applying/popping the stash
  skipStashWarning: false

  # If true, do not show a warning when attempting to commit without any staged files; instead stage all unstaged files.
  skipNoStagedFilesWarning: false

  # If true, do not show a warning when rewording a commit via an external editor
  skipRewordInEditorWarning: false

  # Fraction of the total screen width to use for the left side section. You may want to pick a small number (e.g. 0.2) if you're using a narrow screen, so that you can see more of the main section.
  # Number from 0 to 1.0.
  sidePanelWidth: 0.3333

  # If true, increase the height of the focused side window; creating an accordion effect.
  expandFocusedSidePanel: false

  # The weight of the expanded side panel, relative to the other panels. 2 means
  # twice as tall as the other panels. Only relevant if `expandFocusedSidePanel` is true.
  expandedSidePanelWeight: 2

  # Sometimes the main window is split in two (e.g. when the selected file has both staged and unstaged changes). This setting controls how the two sections are split.
  # Options are:
  # - 'horizontal': split the window horizontally
  # - 'vertical': split the window vertically
  # - 'flexible': (default) split the window horizontally if the window is wide enough, otherwise split vertically
  mainPanelSplitMode: flexible

  # How the window is split when in half screen mode (i.e. after hitting '+' once).
  # Possible values:
  # - 'left': split the window horizontally (side panel on the left, main view on the right)
  # - 'top': split the window vertically (side panel on top, main view below)
  enlargedSideViewLocation: left

  # One of 'auto' (default) | 'en' | 'zh-CN' | 'zh-TW' | 'pl' | 'nl' | 'ja' | 'ko' | 'ru'
  language: auto

  # Format used when displaying time e.g. commit time.
  # Uses Go's time format syntax:
  timeFormat: 02 Jan 06

  # Format used when displaying time if the time is less than 24 hours ago.
  # Uses Go's time format syntax:
  shortTimeFormat: 3:04PM

  # Config relating to colors and styles.
  # See
    # Border color of focused window
      - green
      - bold

    # Border color of non-focused windows
      - default

    # Border color of focused window when searching in that window
      - cyan
      - bold

    # Color of keybindings help text in the bottom line
      - blue

    # Background color of selected line.
    # See
      - blue

    # Foreground color of copied commit
      - blue

    # Background color of copied commit
      - cyan

    # Foreground color of marked base commit (for rebase)
      - blue

    # Background color of marked base commit (for rebase)
      - yellow

    # Color for file with unstaged changes
      - red

    # Default text color
      - default

  # Config relating to the commit length indicator
    # If true, show an indicator of commit message length
    show: true

  # If true, show the '5 of 20' footer at the bottom of list views
  showListFooter: true

  # If true, display the files in the file views as a tree. If false, display the files as a flat list.
  # This can be toggled from within Lazygit with the '~' key, but that will not change the default.
  showFileTree: true

  # If true, show a random tip in the command log when Lazygit starts
  showRandomTip: true

  # If true, show the command log
  showCommandLog: true

  # If true, show the bottom line that contains keybinding info and useful buttons. If false, this line will be hidden except to display a loader for an in-progress action.
  showBottomLine: true

  # If true, show jump-to-window keybindings in window titles.
  showPanelJumps: true

  # Deprecated: use nerdFontsVersion instead
  showIcons: false

  # Nerd fonts version to use.
  # One of: '2' | '3' | empty string (default)
  # If empty, do not show icons.
  nerdFontsVersion: ""

  # If true (default), file icons are shown in the file views. Only relevant if NerdFontsVersion is not empty.
  showFileIcons: true

  # Whether to show full author names or their shortened form in the commit graph.
  # One of 'auto' (default) | 'full' | 'short'
  # If 'auto', initials will be shown in small windows, and full names - in larger ones.
  commitAuthorFormat: auto

  # Length of commit hash in commits view. 0 shows '*' if NF icons aren't on.
  commitHashLength: 8

  # If true, show commit hashes alongside branch names in the branches view.
  showBranchCommitHash: false

  # Whether to show the divergence from the base branch in the branches view.
  # One of: 'none' | 'onlyArrow'  | 'arrowAndNumber'
  showDivergenceFromBaseBranch: none

  # Height of the command log view
  commandLogSize: 8

  # Whether to split the main window when viewing file changes.
  # One of: 'auto' | 'always'
  # If 'auto', only split the main window when a file has both staged and unstaged changes
  splitDiff: auto

  # Default size for focused window. Window size can be changed from within Lazygit with '+' and '_' (but this won't change the default).
  # One of: 'normal' (default) | 'half' | 'full'
  windowSize: normal

  # Window border style.
  # One of 'rounded' (default) | 'single' | 'double' | 'hidden'
  border: rounded

  # If true, show a seriously epic explosion animation when nuking the working tree.
  animateExplosion: true

  # Whether to stack UI components on top of each other.
  # One of 'auto' (default) | 'always' | 'never'
  portraitMode: auto

  # How things are filtered when typing '/'.
  # One of 'substring' (default) | 'fuzzy'
  filterMode: substring

  # Config relating to the spinner.
    # The frames of the spinner animation.
      - '|'
      - /
      - '-'
      - \

    # The "speed" of the spinner in milliseconds.
    rate: 50

  # Status panel view.
  # One of 'dashboard' (default) | 'allBranchesLog'
  statusPanelView: dashboard

# Config relating to git
  # See
    # Value of the --color arg in the git diff command. Some pagers want this to be set to 'always' and some want it set to 'never'
    colorArg: always

    # e.g.
    # diff-so-fancy
    # delta --dark --paging=never
    # ydiff -p cat -s --wrap --width={{columnWidth}}
    pager: ""

    # If true, Lazygit will use whatever pager is specified in `$GIT_PAGER`, `$PAGER`, or your *git config*. If the pager ends with something like ` | less` we will strip that part out, because less doesn't play nice with our rendering approach. If the custom pager uses less under the hood, that will also break rendering (hence the `--paging=never` flag for the `delta` pager).
    useConfig: false

    # e.g. 'difft --color=always'
    externalDiffCommand: ""

  # Config relating to committing
    # If true, pass '--signoff' flag when committing
    signOff: false

    # Automatic WYSIWYG wrapping of the commit message as you type
    autoWrapCommitMessage: true

    # If autoWrapCommitMessage is true, the width to wrap to
    autoWrapWidth: 72

  # Config relating to merging
    # If true, run merges in a subprocess so that if a commit message is required, Lazygit will not hang
    # Only applicable to unix users.
    manualCommit: false

    # Extra args passed to `git merge`, e.g. --no-ff
    args: ""

  # list of branches that are considered 'main' branches, used when displaying commits
    - master
    - main

  # Prefix to use when skipping hooks. E.g. if set to 'WIP', then pre-commit hooks will be skipped when the commit message starts with 'WIP'
  skipHookPrefix: WIP

  # If true, periodically fetch from remote
  autoFetch: true

  # If true, periodically refresh files and submodules
  autoRefresh: true

  # If true, pass the --all arg to git fetch
  fetchAll: true

  # Command used when displaying the current branch git log in the main window
  branchLogCmd: git log --graph --color=always --abbrev-commit --decorate --date=relative --pretty=medium {{branchName}} --

  # Command used to display git log of all branches in the main window
  allBranchesLogCmd: git log --graph --all --color=always --abbrev-commit --decorate --date=relative  --pretty=medium

  # If true, do not spawn a separate process when using GPG
  overrideGpg: false

  # If true, do not allow force pushes
  disableForcePushing: false

  # See
    # pattern to match on. E.g. for 'feature/AB-123' to match on the AB-123 use "^\\w+\\/(\\w+-\\w+).*"
    pattern: ""

    # Replace directive. E.g. for 'feature/AB-123' to start the commit message with 'AB-123 ' use "[$1] "
    replace: ""

  # If true, parse emoji strings in commit messages e.g. render :rocket: as 馃殌
  # (This should really be under 'gui', not 'git')
  parseEmoji: false

  # Config for showing the log in the commits view
    # One of: 'date-order' | 'author-date-order' | 'topo-order' | 'default'
    # 'topo-order' makes it easier to read the git log graph, but commits may not
    # appear chronologically. See
    # Deprecated: Configure this with `Log menu -> Commit sort order` (<c-l> in the commits window by default).
    order: topo-order

    # This determines whether the git graph is rendered in the commits panel
    # One of 'always' | 'never' | 'when-maximised'
    # Deprecated: Configure this with `Log menu -> Show git graph` (<c-l> in the commits window by default).
    showGraph: always

    # displays the whole git graph by default in the commits view (equivalent to passing the `--all` argument to `git log`)
    showWholeGraph: false

  # When copying commit hashes to the clipboard, truncate them to this
  # length. Set to 40 to disable truncation.
  truncateCopiedCommitHashesTo: 12

# Periodic update checks
  # One of: 'prompt' (default) | 'background' | 'never'
  method: prompt

  # Period in days between update checks
  days: 14

# Background refreshes
  # File/submodule refresh interval in seconds.
  # Auto-refresh can be disabled via option 'git.autoRefresh'.
  refreshInterval: 10

  # Re-fetch interval in seconds.
  # Auto-fetch can be disabled via option 'git.autoFetch'.
  fetchInterval: 60

# If true, show a confirmation popup before quitting Lazygit
confirmOnQuit: false

# If true, exit Lazygit when the user presses escape in a context where there is nothing to cancel/close
quitOnTopLevelReturn: false

# Config relating to things outside of Lazygit like how files are opened, copying to clipboard, etc
  # Command for editing a file. Should contain "{{filename}}".
  edit: ""

  # Command for editing a file at a given line number. Should contain
  # "{{filename}}", and may optionally contain "{{line}}".
  editAtLine: ""

  # Same as EditAtLine, except that the command needs to wait until the
  # window is closed.
  editAtLineAndWait: ""

  # For opening a directory in an editor
  openDirInEditor: ""

  # A built-in preset that sets all of the above settings. Supported presets
  # are defined in the getPreset function in editor_presets.go.
  editPreset: ""

  # Command for opening a file, as if the file is double-clicked. Should
  # contain "{{filename}}", but doesn't support "{{line}}".
  open: ""

  # Command for opening a link. Should contain "{{link}}".
  openLink: ""

  # EditCommand is the command for editing a file.
  # Deprecated: use Edit instead. Note that semantics are different:
  # EditCommand is just the command itself, whereas Edit contains a
  # "{{filename}}" variable.
  editCommand: ""

  # EditCommandTemplate is the command template for editing a file
  # Deprecated: use EditAtLine instead.
  editCommandTemplate: ""

  # OpenCommand is the command for opening a file
  # Deprecated: use Open instead.
  openCommand: ""

  # OpenLinkCommand is the command for opening a link
  # Deprecated: use OpenLink instead.
  openLinkCommand: ""

  # CopyToClipboardCmd is the command for copying to clipboard.
  # See
  copyToClipboardCmd: ""

# If true, don't display introductory popups upon opening Lazygit.
disableStartupPopups: false

# What to do when opening Lazygit outside of a git repo.
# - 'prompt': (default) ask whether to initialize a new repo or open in the most recent repo
# - 'create': initialize a new repo
# - 'skip': open most recent repo
# - 'quit': exit Lazygit
notARepository: prompt

# If true, display a confirmation when subprocess terminates. This allows you to view the output of the subprocess before returning to Lazygit.
promptToReturnFromSubprocess: true

# Keybindings
    quit: q
    quit-alt1: <c-c>
    return: <esc>
    quitWithoutChangingDirectory: Q
    togglePanel: <tab>
    prevItem: <up>
    nextItem: <down>
    prevItem-alt: k
    nextItem-alt: j
    prevPage: ','
    nextPage: .
    scrollLeft: H
    scrollRight: L
    gotoTop: <
    gotoBottom: '>'
    toggleRangeSelect: v
    rangeSelectDown: <s-down>
    rangeSelectUp: <s-up>
    prevBlock: <left>
    nextBlock: <right>
    prevBlock-alt: h
    nextBlock-alt: l
    nextBlock-alt2: <tab>
    prevBlock-alt2: <backtab>
      - "1"
      - "2"
      - "3"
      - "4"
      - "5"
    nextMatch: "n"
    prevMatch: "N"
    startSearch: /
    optionMenu: <disabled>
    optionMenu-alt1: '?'
    select: <space>
    goInto: <enter>
    confirm: <enter>
    confirmInEditor: <a-enter>
    remove: d
    new: "n"
    edit: e
    openFile: o
    scrollUpMain: <pgup>
    scrollDownMain: <pgdown>
    scrollUpMain-alt1: K
    scrollDownMain-alt1: J
    scrollUpMain-alt2: <c-u>
    scrollDownMain-alt2: <c-d>
    executeCustomCommand: ':'
    createRebaseOptionsMenu: m

    # 'Files' appended for legacy reasons
    pushFiles: P

    # 'Files' appended for legacy reasons
    pullFiles: p
    refresh: R
    createPatchOptionsMenu: <c-p>
    nextTab: ']'
    prevTab: '['
    nextScreenMode: +
    prevScreenMode: _
    undo: z
    redo: <c-z>
    filteringMenu: <c-s>
    diffingMenu: W
    diffingMenu-alt: <c-e>
    copyToClipboard: <c-o>
    openRecentRepos: <c-r>
    submitEditorText: <enter>
    extrasMenu: '@'
    toggleWhitespaceInDiffView: <c-w>
    increaseContextInDiffView: '}'
    decreaseContextInDiffView: '{'
    openDiffTool: <c-t>
    checkForUpdate: u
    recentRepos: <enter>
    allBranchesLogGraph: a
    commitChanges: c
    commitChangesWithoutHook: w
    amendLastCommit: A
    commitChangesWithEditor: C
    findBaseCommitForFixup: <c-f>
    confirmDiscard: x
    ignoreFile: i
    refreshFiles: r
    stashAllChanges: s
    viewStashOptions: S
    toggleStagedAll: a
    viewResetOptions: D
    fetch: f
    toggleTreeView: '`'
    openMergeTool: M
    openStatusFilter: <c-b>
    copyFileInfoToClipboard: "y"
    createPullRequest: o
    viewPullRequestOptions: O
    copyPullRequestURL: <c-y>
    checkoutBranchByName: c
    forceCheckoutBranch: F
    rebaseBranch: r
    renameBranch: R
    mergeIntoCurrentBranch: M
    viewGitFlowOptions: i
    fastForward: f
    createTag: T
    pushTag: P
    setUpstream: u
    fetchRemote: f
    sortOrder: s
    viewWorktreeOptions: w
    squashDown: s
    renameCommit: r
    renameCommitWithEditor: R
    viewResetOptions: g
    markCommitAsFixup: f
    createFixupCommit: F
    squashAboveCommits: S
    moveDownCommit: <c-j>
    moveUpCommit: <c-k>
    amendToCommit: A
    resetCommitAuthor: a
    pickCommit: p
    revertCommit: t
    cherryPickCopy: C
    pasteCommits: V
    markCommitAsBaseForRebase: B
    tagCommit: T
    checkoutCommit: <space>
    resetCherryPick: <c-R>
    copyCommitAttributeToClipboard: "y"
    openLogMenu: <c-l>
    openInBrowser: o
    viewBisectOptions: b
    startInteractiveRebase: i
    resetAuthor: a
    setAuthor: A
    addCoAuthor: c
    popStash: g
    renameStash: r
    checkoutCommitFile: c
    toggleSelectHunk: a
    pickBothHunks: b
    editSelectHunk: E
    init: i
    update: u
    bulkMenu: b
    commitMenu: <c-o>

Platform Defaults


  open: 'start "" {{filename}}'


  open: 'xdg-open {{filename}} >/dev/null'


  open: 'open {{filename}}'

Custom Command for Copying to Clipboard

  copyToClipboardCmd: ''

Specify an external command to invoke when copying to clipboard is requested. {{text} will be replaced by text to be copied. Default is to copy to system clipboard.

If you are working on a terminal that supports OSC52, the following command will let you take advantage of it:

  copyToClipboardCmd: printf "\033]52;c;$(printf {{text}} | base64)\a" > /dev/tty

Configuring File Editing

There are two commands for opening files, o for "open" and e for "edit". o acts as if the file was double-clicked in the Finder/Explorer, so it also works for non-text files, whereas e opens the file in an editor. e can also jump to the right line in the file if you invoke it from the staging panel, for example.

To tell lazygit which editor to use for the e command, the easiest way to do that is to provide an editPreset config, e.g.

  editPreset: 'vscode'

Supported presets are vim, nvim, nvim-remote, lvim, emacs, nano, micro, vscode, sublime, bbedit, kakoune, helix, and xcode. In many cases lazygit will be able to guess the right preset from your $(git config core.editor), or an environment variable such as $VISUAL or $EDITOR.

nvim-remote is an experimental preset for when you have invoked lazygit from within a neovim process, allowing lazygit to open the file from within the parent process rather than spawning a new one.

If for some reason you are not happy with the default commands from a preset, or there simply is no preset for your editor, you can customize the commands by setting the edit, editAtLine, and editAtLineAndWait options, e.g.:

  edit: 'myeditor {{filename}}'
  editAtLine: 'myeditor --line={{line}} {{filename}}'
  editAtLineAndWait: 'myeditor --block --line={{line}} {{filename}}'
  editInTerminal: true
  openDirInEditor: 'myeditor {{dir}}'

The editInTerminal option is used to decide whether lazygit needs to suspend itself to the background before calling the editor. It should really be named suspend because for some cases like when lazygit is opened from within a neovim session and you're using the nvim-remote preset, you're technically still in a terminal. Nonetheless we're sticking with the name editInTerminal for backwards compatibility.

Contributions of new editor presets are welcome; see the getPreset function in editor_presets.go.

Overriding default config file location

To override the default config directory, use CONFIG_DIR="$HOME/.config/lazygit". This directory contains the config file in addition to some other files lazygit uses to keep track of state across sessions.

To override the individual config file used, use the --use-config-file arg or the LG_CONFIG_FILE env var.

If you want to merge a specific config file into a more general config file, perhaps for the sake of setting some theme-specific options, you can supply a list of comma-separated config file paths, like so:

lazygit --use-config-file="$HOME/.base_lg_conf,$HOME/.light_theme_lg_conf"
LG_CONFIG_FILE="$HOME/.base_lg_conf,$HOME/.light_theme_lg_conf" lazygit

Scroll-off Margin

When the selected line gets close to the bottom of the window and you hit down-arrow, there's a feature called "scroll-off margin" that lets the view scroll a little earlier so that you can see a bit of what's coming in the direction that you are moving. This is controlled by the gui.scrollOffMargin setting (default: 2), so it keeps 2 lines below the selection visible as you scroll down. It can be set to 0 to scroll only when the selection reaches the bottom of the window.

That's the behavior when gui.scrollOffBehavior is set to "margin" (the default). If you set gui.scrollOffBehavior to "jump", then upon reaching the last line of a view and hitting down-arrow the view will scroll by half a page so that the selection ends up in the middle of the view. This may feel a little jarring because the cursor jumps around when continuously moving down, but it has the advantage that the view doesn't scroll as often.

This setting applies both to all list views (e.g. commits and branches etc), and to the staging view.


We have two ways to filter things, substring matching (the default) and fuzzy searching. With substring matching, the text you enter gets searched for verbatim (usually case-insensitive, except when your filter string contains uppercase letters, in which case we search case-sensitively). You can search for multiple non-contiguous substrings by separating them with spaces; for example, "int test" will match "integration-testing". All substrings have to match, but not necessarily in the given order.

Fuzzy searching is smarter in that it allows every letter of the filter string to match anywhere in the text (only in order though), assigning a weight to the quality of the match and sorting by that order. This has the advantage that it allows typing "clt" to match "commit_loader_test" (letters at the beginning of subwords get more weight); but it has the disadvantage that it tends to return lots of irrelevant results, especially with short filter strings.

Color Attributes

For color attributes you can choose an array of attributes (with max one color attribute) The available attributes are:


  • black
  • red
  • green
  • yellow
  • blue
  • magenta
  • cyan
  • white
  • '#ff00ff'


  • bold
  • default
  • reverse # useful for high-contrast
  • underline
  • strikethrough

Highlighting the selected line

If you don't like the default behaviour of highlighting the selected line with a blue background, you can use the selectedLineBgColor key to customise the behaviour. If you just want to embolden the selected line (this was the original default), you can do the following:

      - default

You can also use the reverse attribute like so:

      - reverse

Custom Author Color

Lazygit will assign a random color for every commit author in the commits pane by default.

You can customize the color in case you're not happy with the randomly assigned one:

    'John Smith': 'red' # use red for John Smith
    'Alan Smithee': '#00ff00' # use green for Alan Smithee

You can use wildcard to set a unified color in case your are lazy to customize the color for every author or you just want a single color for all/other authors:

    # use red for John Smith
    'John Smith': 'red'
    # use blue for other authors
    '*': '#0000ff'

Custom Branch Color

You can customize the color of branches based on the branch prefix:

    'docs': '#11aaff' # use a light blue for branches beginning with 'docs/'

Example Coloring

border example

Display Nerd Fonts Icons

If you are using Nerd Fonts, you can display icons.

  nerdFontsVersion: "3"

Supported versions are "2" and "3". The deprecated config showIcons sets the version to "2" for backwards compatibility.


For all possible keybinding options, check

You can disable certain key bindings by specifying <disabled>.

    edit: <disabled> # disable 'edit file'

Example Keybindings For Colemak Users

    prevItem-alt: 'u'
    nextItem-alt: 'e'
    prevBlock-alt: 'n'
    nextBlock-alt: 'i'
    nextMatch: '='
    prevMatch: '-'
    new: 'k'
    edit: 'o'
    openFile: 'O'
    scrollUpMain-alt1: 'U'
    scrollDownMain-alt1: 'E'
    scrollUpMain-alt2: '<c-u>'
    scrollDownMain-alt2: '<c-e>'
    undo: 'l'
    redo: '<c-r>'
    diffingMenu: 'M'
    filteringMenu: '<c-f>'
    ignoreFile: 'I'
    moveDownCommit: '<c-e>'
    moveUpCommit: '<c-u>'
    viewGitFlowOptions: 'I'
    setUpstream: 'U'

Custom pull request URLs

Some git provider setups (e.g. on-premises GitLab) can have distinct URLs for git-related calls and the web interface/API itself. To work with those, Lazygit needs to know where it needs to create the pull request. You can do so on your config.yml file using the following syntax:

  '<gitDomain>': '<provider>:<webDomain>'


  • gitDomain stands for the domain used by git itself (i.e. the one present on clone URLs), e.g.
  • provider is one of github, bitbucket, bitbucketServer, azuredevops, gitlab or gitea
  • webDomain is the URL where your git service exposes a web interface and APIs, e.g.

Predefined commit message prefix

In situations where certain naming pattern is used for branches and commits, pattern can be used to populate commit message with prefix that is parsed from the branch name.


  • Branch name: feature/AB-123
  • Commit message: [AB-123] Adding feature
    pattern: "^\\w+\\/(\\w+-\\w+).*"
    replace: '[$1] '

If you want repository-specific prefixes, you can map them with commitPrefixes. If you have both commitPrefixes defined and an entry in commitPrefixes for the current repo, the commitPrefixes entry is given higher precedence. Repository folder names must be an exact match.

    my_project: # This is repository folder name
      pattern: "^\\w+\\/(\\w+-\\w+).*"
      replace: '[$1] '

Custom git log command

You can override the git log command that's used to render the log of the selected branch like so:

  branchLogCmd: "git log --graph --color=always --abbrev-commit --decorate --date=relative --pretty=medium --oneline {{branchName}} --"


Launching not in a repository behaviour

By default, when launching lazygit from a directory that is not a repository, you will be prompted to choose if you would like to initialize a repo. You can override this behaviour in the config with one of the following:

# for default prompting behaviour
notARepository: 'prompt'
# to skip and initialize a new repo
notARepository: 'create'
# to skip without creating a new repo
notARepository: 'skip'
# to exit immediately if run outside of the Git repository
notARepository: 'quit'