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This is the source code for the original TaskPaper for iOS.

It contains the source code for the original TaskPaper for iOS app. I no longer have time to develop this app, but there seem to be other developers who'd like a crack at the code.

It's fairly old and needs some work in many places. If you really want to spend some time on it I would recommend taking away the custom sync lib and replacing with a Dropbox or iCloud based solution as a start. The existing sync has some hard to track down bugs.


You are free to use this code in any way that you see fit. But please DO NOT name your app "TaskPaper" or anything that can be mistaken for "TaskPaper". I am still developing TaskPaper for Mac, and someday (distant remote possibility) I may even try to release a TaskPaper for iOS again. I don't want people to be confused and think any apps derived from this code are made by Hog Bay Software.

I do encourage you to advertise the fact that your derived app works with 'taskpaper' files, etc in the app description. Just not directly in app name.

Thanks, Jesse Grosjean - Jan 8, 2014


Source code for the original TaskPaper for iOS.




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