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Readme.txt is designed for SimpleText.iPhone users who want to sync their writing online. stores your writing so that is is always available, even when you don't have your iPhone. Unlike the iPhone's default Notes app, allows you to sync anywhere, not just when you are tethered to your computer.

◆ Beta. Things may change and go wrong.
◆ Human Sized. For your writing and notes. Not for huge files.
◆ Light Security. Not for sensitive information, credit cards, passwords, etc.

Website Menu:

New — Creates a new unsaved document. (Command-N)
Open — Displays a list of your documents. (Command-O)
Save — Saves your changes and makes a new revision. (Command-S)
Delete — Deletes your document and all of it's revisions.
Revisions — Shows revision history for your document.
Conflicts — Lists unresolved conflicts for your account. A conflict may occur if you edit the same revision of a document from two different locations. If those changes cannot automatically be merged together then a conflict will be created. is a production of Hog Bay Software. If you have questions please stop by our user forums.
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