learn to code by working together to solve problems
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learn to code by working together to solve problems.

letsHack is a collaborative coding web app that pairs users up randomly with another coder, to work together to solve a hacking challenge.

letsHack is written in JavaScript using Node, Express, Sequelize, Handlebars, and Socket.io.

Application overiew - powerpoint presentation

Live application


@jesseharold @billbitt @ehirshfield

Project Highlights

  • Wrote entire front and back end of this full-stack application utilizing MVC structure
  • uses MySQL database with Sequelize ORM
  • uses Node Express for the server
  • uses Handlebars to render the View
  • Uses passport.js for user authentication
  • Uses socket.io for realtime chat and codesharing
  • Uses codemirror frontend library for javascript code formatting and color hinting

Application flow

  • The user can create a new profile or log in to an existing profile
  • Upon logging in, the user enters a public lobby with all other letsHack users
  • Users can chat while they wait in the lobby
  • When ready to do a coding challenge, the user can place him or herself into the queue and will automatically be paired with another user from the queue
  • Paired users are taken to a challenge page. On this page they each complete a portion of the challenge by writing code.
  • In order to pass the challenge, both users must write code that satisfies their portion of the challenge.
  • Users can use the chat feature to help their partner
  • After the users complete their challenge, they are returned to the lobby
  • Each user has a profile page which shows their profile data, profile picture, and challenge history
  • Users can edit their own profile, and can view the publicly available elements of other users' profiles as well
  • Users can report other users who are engaged in abusive behavior
  • Administrators have a protected view where they can edit and create challenges and view users' reports

Libraries & Frameworks

  • bcrypt

  • body-parser

  • connect-flash

  • cookie-parser

  • express

  • express-handlebars

  • express-session

  • handlebars

  • method-override

  • morgan

  • mysql

  • passport

  • passport-local

  • sequelize

  • socket.io

  • CodeMirror

  • Bootstrap

  • jQuery

Screen Shot