Visual Studio Team Services Build tasks to Package, Publish and Share Extensions
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Deprecation Notice

Now that Microsoft has released its own version of the Build and Release tasks for Extensions I will be focussing my effort on further extending those in favor of extending these tasks. I will keep these tasks available for the time to come to give you, my users, time to migrate. If you encounter issues, I'll still try to solve them for some time to come.

I've ensured that all the features you've come to like in this extension were ported to the new Devlabs tasks. Thank you for all your support!

Release Notes


  • Fixed: wildcards for "Publish Task"
  • Added: Support for Paid extensions


  • Added: Additional Arguments option to pass extra options to tfx
  • Added: Publish to TFS 2015 update 2 (requires Basic Authentication)


  • Fixed issue: Marketplace URI has changed
  • Fixed issue: Some tfx commands no longer return a JSON object but a JSON array


  • Fixed issue: Query Version no longer retrieves the latest, but the first version.
  • Fixed issue: Detection of globally installed tfx instance.
  • Fixed issue: Detection of locally installes tfx instance.


The VSTS Extension tasks help you to Package, Publish and Share your Extensions for Visual Studio Online and Team Foudnation Server 2015 update 2 using Build and Release Management.

Additional features include:

  • Overriding the Extension version in your extension manifest. (You can use the Build Number for example!);
  • Retrieve the latest published version from the marketplace;
  • Installing, Publishing, Sharing your extension from a Build or a Release Management workflow;
  • Overriding the Build Task version in your task manifest;
  • Overriding the visibility of the extension on the marketplace (Private, Public);
  • Building different versions for your own internal development, private testing and public consumption on the marketplace.

These tasks depend on the Cross Platform Commandline Tools and they can optionally pull down these tools automatically when they're not available.

Check out the project wiki for a walkthrough explaining the setup of your build definition.


Please check the Wiki.

If you have ideas or improvements to existing tasks, don't hestitate to leave feedback or file an issue.