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2014-01-29 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* Updated date for version 4.4 release.
2013-12-04 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/dig.cpp: Support deduplication reparse points, issue 307.
2013-10-11 Basic <simsong@Mucha.local>
* src/multihash.cpp (hash_context_obj::multihash_finalize): removed old code that was commented out.
2013-09-21 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/dig.cpp: Fixed issue 301 re: removing double dots from path
* Removed sha3deep target
2013-07-09 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* hashlist.cpp: Fixes problem with known files with commas in filename.
2013-05-07 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* Added patch from dago to check for MAP_FILE
2012-11-29 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/dig.cpp: Experimental change to parse single instance storage (SIS) junction points.
2012-11-12 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/hashlist.cpp: Added experimental mode for case insensitive matching. Also changes in main.cpp, main.h, and display.cpp
2012-11-10 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/ Added sha3deep
* src/main.h: Added SHA3 defines
* src/main.cpp: Added SHA3 code
* src/common.h: Increased max size of context structure for SHA-3
2012-11-09 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* man/hashdeep.1: Clarified Unicode statements
2012-10-30 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* main.cpp: Converting break statements which fall through to consistent style.
* main.cpp: Added checks in hashdeep against user errors on command line
* dig.cpp: Adding specific message regarding SIS reparse points.
* blake: Removed code which won't be used
2012-10-22 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* Uncommented check for big endian systems.
2012-10-12 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/threadpool.cpp: Renamed ERR function to avoid conflicts on SunOS and derivates.
2012-09-12 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* man/md5deep.1, hashdeep.1: Typos
2012-07-05 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* man/md5deep.1: Clarified quiet mode, -q.
* Version bump to 4.3
2012-06-29 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.local>
* src/md5.c (MD5Final): updated md5.c code to remove compiler warning dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules [-Wstrict-aliasing]"
2012-06-09 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/tiger.h tiger.c: Replaced with newer code from libgcrypt.
* Version bump to 4.2
2012-06-05 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/dig.cpp: Cosmetic formatting. Fixed Win32 stat function.
* src/display.cpp: Commented out vasprintf, which is now present on mingw
* src/hashlist.cpp: Formatting. Revised to handle case where filename is a hash.
* src/sha1_version.c: Removed vestigial code
2012-06-04 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/hashlist.cpp: Formatting. Addressed bug with filenames with commas in them.
2012-05-20 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* man/md5deep1,hashdeep.1: Fixed typo in -j mode
2012-02-27 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Mucha.local>
* src/dig.cpp (state::decode_file_type): removed from state, since it didn't use any of the instance variables.
2012-02-27 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* main.cpp: Removed -B command line flag from all programs
2012-02-27 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* man/md5deep.1: Added Simson to the AUTHORS section
* src/main.cpp: Formatted usage messages
* Version bump to 4.1.1
* Added doc to directories cleaned with make nice
2012-02-26 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@FC15>
* src/main.h (d): fixed THREAD typo.
* src/display.cpp: changed #if so that it checks for MINGW and not __MINGW_H
* (MINGW): now explicitly sets MINGW if we are compiling under mingw.
2012-02-10 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* doc/start-hashdeep.html: Clarified how to run the programs.
2012-02-10 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* sample-hashes/sample.{c,jpg}: Added Windows executable with non-executable extension
* src/winpe.cpp, main.cpp, dig.cpp: Added comments
* Version bump to 4.1
* src/*.cpp: Added $Id$ tags
2012-02-08 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/dig.cpp, winpe.h, winpe.cpp, main.cpp: Added check for Windows PE files to expert mode.
2012-01-30 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/display.cpp: Reverted previous change, but updated test for presence of vasprintf.
2012-01-29 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/dig.cpp: Check for junction points before adding files to queue
* src/display.cpp: Removed redefinition of vasprintf. It is apparently now part of the compiler's stdio.h
2012-01-28 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* Version bump to 4.0.2-001
2012-01-28 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@mucha>
* src/display.cpp (display::dfxml_write): strange; sstream should have been stringstream. Well, it's fixed now.
2012-01-23 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Mucha.local>
* src/helpers.cpp: successfully removed itos().
2012-01-22 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/threadpool.h: Removed debugging fprintf
* Version bump to 4.0.1
* NEWS: Updated for version 4.0.1
2012-01-21 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* src/hash.cpp (display::hash_stdin): added setmode stdin to binary on windows
2012-01-18 Jesse Kornblum <>
* Removed FC16 checks. It doesn't work.
2012-01-16 Jesse Kornblum <>
* Updated for Fedora Core 16. Improved error messages.
2012-01-09 Jesse Kornblum <>
* The doc files for Win32 were backward. Addresses bug 3471505.
2012-01-06 Jesse Kornblum <>
* Changed rule for converting man pages to Windows text files
2012-01-06 Jesse Kornblum <>
* Version bump to 4.0.0
* src/hashlist.cpp: Legibility changes only.
* doc/Makefile: Updating man page locations
* src/common.h: Added NEWLINE definition for Win32
2012-01-05 Jesse Kornblum <>
* doc: Sync'ed files from trunk
2011-12-27 Jesse Kornblum <>
* src/files.cpp: Added spaces to isxdigit macro for OS X compilation.
2011-12-27 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Mucha.local>
* src/hashlist.cpp (hashmap::add_file): now makes a copy of the hex hash and assures that it is lower case.
2011-12-26 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Mucha.local>
* src/main.h (class state): removed h_nsrl15 variable. Now it always looks for nsrl15 files when trying to decode a hash file.
2011-12-20 Simson Garfinkel <>
* tests/testfiles/ ( removed $FILES from release; now is built as part of the release, and the FILES are in it.
2011-12-17 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* src/files.cpp (state::find_hash_in_line): removed ILOOK3 intentional fall through. Now we explicitly do it.
* src/display.cpp (display::portable_gmtime): We needed a gmtime()
in multiple locaitons that was portable and threadsafe, so we
created this from the code that was previously in
(file_data_hasher_t::compute_dfxml): hashdigest indent set to 0 from 2 if piecewise_size is 0
(display::dfxml_write): ctime, mtime, and atime now put in DFXML output.
* src/dig.cpp (state::file_type): added support for mtime and atime.
* src/main.h: changed fdht->timestamp to fdht->ctime.
2011-12-17 Simson Garfinkel <>
* src/files.cpp (state::md5deep_load_match_file): replaced fprintf(stderr) with a cerr output.
* src/hash.cpp (file_data_hasher_t::hash): removed assert(0) for invalid setting of iomode; now displays what the invalid setting is.
2011-12-16 Jesse Kornblum <>
* tests/ added test for BSD style hashes, iLook hashes
2011-12-04 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* src/display.cpp (dfxml_write): added filesize to DFXML output
2011-11-29 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* src/main.h (d): default I/O mode changed from memory-mapped to buffered (the same as the 3.x release.) Memory-mapped should be faster, but for some reason it isn't. Also it makes the memory usage appear quite large (it isn't, but the top and ps commands report mapped memory.)
2011-11-27 Jesse Kornblum <>:
* src/main.cpp (hashdeep_process_command_line): Fixed getopt command so that -c mode takes an argument, but -C does not. The former caused a crash.
* src/xml.h: Removed spurrious 'const'
2011-11-17 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* src/main.cpp (state::main): -j default was being set after option processing. Moved to before. -j0 now disables threading, -j1 is just one thread.
2011-11-07 Jesse Kornblum <>
* tests/ Corrected test filenames to make dist
2011-11-01 Jesse Kornblum <>
* Version bump to 4.0 beta1
2011-10-28 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* (HAVE_PTHREAD): fixed for multithreading error on macos and linux (it wasn't turning on)
2011-10-26 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* beta counter incremented to beta2
* tests/ added code for test 47 to cover new audit mode generating more output.
* src/display.cpp (display::audit_update): audit output was going to cerr; should go to cout.
* src/threadpool.cpp (ERR): changed from fprintf to cerr; added __noreturn__ attribute.
* src/files.cpp (state::md5deep_load_match_file): file_type no longer shadows member of this.
* src/xml.cpp (XML::comment): comment no longer shadows local member
* src/dig.cpp (print_last_error): now uses cerr instead of fprintf; turns pszMessage into UTF8
* src/main.h (class display): added __attribute__ ((__noreturn__)) to internal_error().
* src/common.h (tstring): somehow we got a ; before the wstring. Removed it.
2011-10-25 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* src/dig.cpp (state::dig_self_test): added explicit cast to ft to avoid compiler warning.
* src/main.h (class global): renamed class main to class global so that main() doesn't shadow main::main() (which doesn't exist)
* src/main.cpp (state::hashdeep_process_command_line): renamed argc and argv to argc_ and argv_ so as not to shadow instance variables.
* src/display.cpp (display::finalize_matching): removed known_size() as a local, since we have a function that does it.
(display::compute_unused): renamed parameter from display to show_display to avoid compiler warning.
* src/main.h (class display): renamed out to out_ so as not to shadow parameter.
(std::vector): removed num_columns, as it wasn't being used outside the local function.
2011-10-17 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* src/xml.cpp (pop): added flush to out to make it easier for people to undestand status.
2011-10-15 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* src/display.cpp: removed #include <sstream>
* src/main.cpp: removed #include <sstream>
2011-10-09 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@alphonse-mucha.home>
* tests/ (TMP): renamed TEST_DIR to TEST_BIN and GOOD_DIR to GOOD_BIN
2011-10-09 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@new-host-2.home>
* (HAVE_PTHREAD): quoted AX_PTHREAD in the configure script
2011-10-09 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@new-host-3.home>
* version number increased to 4.0.0_beta_001
* src/main.cpp (md5deep_usage):
All programs now have a -C option that enables Common Crypto on
Mac. It is disabled by default. You can use it if you want.
Windows - All tests now pass, with the exception that the windows
files now have proper UTF-8 in them rather than the question-mark
escaping. You can escape the UTF-8 by providing the flags. You can
run the script with "--nounicode" to remove the filenames
with unicode in them. Tests must be run within cygwin to get the
bash script to work, but the md5deep/hashdeep executables
themselves do not require cygwin and, in fact, ignore the DLL.
Threading now works on windows again. I think that I finally got the configure script right.
I have tested the with a virgin FC15 ISO. You boot
the ISO in VMWare and it creates a user called 'user'. You have
to create a user that has root access. Once you do this and become
root, run It will update the yum repository,
download the mingw32 and mingw64 compilers, download and build
pthreads, and then, just for kicks, it download the SVN repository
and build the 32-bit and 64-bit executables.
You can now run the executables with the '-hhh' option to print
information about the build configuration and environment as well.
I've added -B as a verbose flag for both md5deep and hashdeep. (-v
is verbose in hashdeep but prints the version number in md5deep)
Now, if you are in verbose mode, the DFXML will include the
workerid= of the thread that created the results. This is useful
for debugging to verify that each thread is actually hashing.
2011-09-27 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@FC15>
* src/display.cpp (dfxml_write): now writes workerid as an attribute in the fileobject output.
* src/main.h (file_data_t): added worker_id to fdht
* src/sha1.c (sha1_finish): added const to avoid casting warnings.
2011-09-25 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@alphonse-mucha.home>
* src/tiger.c (hash_init_tiger): changed all functions to return void rather than int.
* src/md5.c (hash_init_md5): all functions now return void rather than int.
* src/whirlpool.c (hash_init_whirlpool): all functions now return void rather than int.
* src/sha256.c (hash_final_sha256): all functions now return void rather than int
* src/main.h (class algorithm_t): hashing functions modified to return void rather than int
2011-09-16 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* src/sha256.c (hash_init_sha256): added casts
* added -fast and a ton of more warnings
* now removes -fast flag if not optimizing
* src/sha256.c (hash_update_sha256): added casts to avoid void *.
* src/md5.c (hash_final_md5): added casts to avoid void *.
* src/sha1.h: noted that SHA1Transform now takes a const buffer.
* src/sha1.c (SHA1Final): added #define SHA1HANDSOFF so that it won't modify the buffer passed in.
(hash_final_sha1): added casts to avoid void *.
2011-09-12 Jesse Kornblum
* tests/ Fixed typo
2011-09-11 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@FC15>
* (INCLUDE_NP): added define for INCLUDE_NP
* src/display.cpp (display_realtime_stats): removed setting shorten variable, since now we simply shorten where it is needed, rather than setting a variable and checking it elsewhere.
* src/xml.cpp: moved defines of O_BINARY, et all, out of #ifdef
* src/files.cpp (md5deep_load_match_file): removed setting status, because return code is now ignored. (errors in parse_encase_file are no longer reported)
2011-08-24 User <user@ubuntu>
2011-08-22 Jesse Kornblum
* Added support for mingw on Ubuntu
2011-08-22 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* src/display.cpp (display::error_filename): moved lock to around dfxml
2011-08-17 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@mncrnpsedu.local>
* src/display.cpp (display::error_filename): error_filename now properly prints to DFXML
2011-08-14 Simson Garfinkel <>
* src/main.h (d): added __attribute__ ((format(printf))) to all printf-like functions
* src/display.cpp (error): removed print_error(), since it did the same thing that error() did.
* src/main.h (d): added __attribute__ ((__noreturn__)) to fatal_error
2011-08-12 Simson Garfinkel <>
* src/display.cpp (error): always puts progname on error now. removed explicit "%s: " and progname from practially every place error was called.
2011-08-09 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* src/main.h (std::vector): changed hashmap from a map to a multimap
2011-08-07 Jesse Kornblum
* man/md5deep.1: Updated version number
* man/hashdeep.1: Restored to earlier version
* man/ Corrected clobbering of hashdeep man page
* src/ Corrected typo in the symbolic linking
* src/ui.cpp: Vestigial file removed
2011-08-01 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* src/main.h (class file_data_hasher_t): moved read_offset and read_len from file_data_t to file_data_hasher_t
(class file_data_hasher_t): moved timestamp from file_data_t to file_data_hasher_t
* src/display.cpp (file_data_hasher_t::compute_dfxml): fdht->dfxml_hash is now a string stream
* src/hash.cpp (file_data_hasher_t::hash): whoops; dfxml had old bytes=; replaced with len=;
2011-07-31 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@alphonse-mucha.local>
* src/hash.cpp (display::hash_stdin): sets stat_bytes to SIZE_T_MAX when hashing stdin.
2011-07-27 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.local>
* src/main.h (class display): added conditional defines so that wstring stuff isn't compiled on mac
2011-07-27 Simson Garfinkel <>
* now compiles with and without PTHREAD, and on win32 and win64
updated version to 4.0.0_alpha_001
* src/hash.cpp (hash): triage mode no longer works on stdin
2011-07-26 Simson Garfinkel <>
* src/main.cpp (main): main is now a method of state.
2011-07-22 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* src/hash.cpp (display::hash_stdin): removed is_stdin because we can just compare handle to stdin.
* src/dig.cpp (have_processed_dir): cycle system no longer public; now it's static. (should there be a dig class?)
2011-07-21 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* src/files.cpp (shift_string): moved to files.cpp, the only place where it is used.
* src/main.cpp (check_wow64): moved to main.cpp
* src/files.cpp (find_comma_separated_string): moved from helpers.cpp to files.cpp and made static.
* src/main.cpp (state::md5deep_process_command_line): -f option removed sincei t was not properly implemented and doesnt appear to have been used.
2011-07-21 Simson Garfinkel <>
* src/ removed md5deep.h and md5deep_match.h
2011-07-20 Simson Garfinkel <>
* src/main.cpp (state::md5deep_process_command_line): removed mode_piecewise, since it can be determined from picewise_size>0.
* src/main.h (class state): moved primary_function into display
2011-07-19 Simson Garfinkel <>
* src/main.h (enum): added status_EXIT_FAILURE to status_t as status_t is now returned.
2011-07-19 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* src/display.cpp: the only place that filename shortening was done was in display_realtime_stats, so all of the filename shortening logic was moved there and it was moved out of display_filename everywhere else. The passage of the FILE * to display to was put back in, becuase display_filename was also being used to display error messages.
2011-07-18 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* src/main.h (mode_which): changed mode_which to opt_show_matched (which is the default)
2011-07-18 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@mncrnpsedu.local>
* src/display.cpp (display_size): changed mode_csv to opt_csv
2011-07-14 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* src/common.h: removed STRINGS_CASE_EQUAL.
2011-07-13 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* src/hash.cpp (hash): successfully removed the state variable from compute_hash.
* src/display.cpp (display_realtime_stats): moved output of realtime_stats from file_name_annotation to a seperate output, so that display_realtime_stats can now take a const file_data_hasher.
* src/hash.cpp: changed update_display to display_realtime_stats() and moved to display.cpp
2011-07-10 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* src/sha1.c: removed copy on all algorithms except sha1; that copy is now done within the sha1 update function, where it should be.
* src/md5.h: all update functions modified to take size_t as the length, becuase you can't pass a size larger than size_t.
2011-07-07 Simson Garfinkel <>
* src/dig.cpp (process_dir): modified conditional compilation for WIN32
2011-07-05 Simson Garfinkel <>
* src/helpers.cpp: moved setup_expert_mode to main.cpp, because it's actually helping to parse the command line.
removed my_basename, since it is now done on strings in dig.cpp
2011-07-05 Simson Garfinkel <>
* (SUBDIRS): hashdeep subdir renamed to be src, since it is now src for everybody.
2011-07-04 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* hashdeep/main.cpp: added conditional to use built-in __progname if compiling under WIN32
* hashdeep/ (hashdeep_SOURCES): removed tchar-local.h and added wstring.h
* hashdeep/dig.cpp (clean_name): changed mode_relative to opt_relative
2011-07-03 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* hashdeep/dig.cpp (should_hash_symlink): changed stat structure from _tstat_t to _tstati64
* added -DWINVER=0x0500 to get Windows UTF-8 conversion. mingw targets for 0x0400 (
* hashdeep/main.h (std::vector): file_type_t changed to hashfile_format, since that describes what it actually is.
* hashdeep/ (hashdeep_SOURCES): removed cycles.cpp.
* hashdeep/dig.cpp (have_processed_dir): moved cycles.cpp into dig.cpp (because it's so much smaller now).
2011-07-01 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* hashdeep/display.cpp (state::md5deep_display_hash): now uses gmtime_r for threadsafety
* hashdeep/hash.cpp (hash::hash_stdin): hash_file() and hash_stdin() are now methods.
2011-06-29 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* hashdeep/common.h: moved sys/cdefs.h from tchar-local.h to common.h; added #ifdef
2011-06-24 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@msimsonnet.local>
* hashdeep/main.h: make_newline changed to print_newline(). No longer takes state. mode_zero changed to opt_zero.
2011-06-24 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* tests/ now passes all tests
* hashdeep/display.cpp (display_match_result): fixed so that it works now.
* hashdeep/hashlist.cpp (hashlist::search): fixed search function so that it returns status_no_match when there is no match.
2011-06-22 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* hashdeep/main.cpp: removed strsep
2011-06-21 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* hashdeep/files.cpp (state::find_plain_hash): although this function takes the approach of hacking C strings with an axe, it seems to work.
* hashdeep/main.cpp (algorithm_t::valid_hash): fixed function.
2011-06-20 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* hashdeep/hash.cpp (hash_file): eliminated by_basename, instead we now use rfind on the string.
2011-06-19 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* hashdeep/ (hashdeep_SOURCES): removed md5deep_hashtable.cpp and md5deep_hashtable.h
(hashdeep_SOURCES): removed md5deep_match.cpp
* hashdeep/md5deep_match.cpp (md5deep_load_match_file): expected_hashes, used in parsing EnCase hash files, is now segregated to the EnCase file parsing routines and no longer in the state variable.
2011-06-18 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* hashdeep/ (hashdeep_SOURCES): removed strsep; no longer needed.
* hashdeep/main.cpp (process_command_line): mode_verbose, mode_more_verbose and mode_insanely_verbose now replaced with a global variable opt_verbose which has value of 0, 1, 2 or 3.
* hashdeep/main.h: print_error no longer takes state.
* hashdeep/ui.cpp (fatal_error): fatal_error no longer takes
state; mode_silent is now a global variable. Otherwise, EVERYTHING
that can generate a printout needs to pass a pointer to state,
which defeats the purpose of encapsulation. (If we ever want to
have two different state instances in memory at the same time, is
it likely that they will have different modes? I think not.)
(print_error_unicode): no longer takes (state *s)
* hashdeep/common.h (filetype_t): moved to hashlist class.
* hashdeep/main.h (hashlist): status_t broken up to hashlist::loadstatus_t and hashlist::search_status_t.
* hashdeep/main.cpp (process_command_line): load_match_file() call changed to known->load_hash_file() since the database of known hashes is now kept in a hashlist.
2011-06-17 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* hashdeep/hash.cpp (hash_file): largely removed s->current_file; it is now a file_data_hasher_t pointer.
2011-06-16 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* hashdeep/main.cpp: removed initialize_state(state *s); now it's in the state constructor.
(state::load_hashing_algorithms): this is now a method
* hashdeep/ (hashdeep_SOURCES): removed hashtable.cpp
* hashdeep/main.h (class file_data_t): created file_data_hasher_t to hold the actual variables needed to perform the hashing; only file_data_t is stored in the hashmap_t.
2011-06-15 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@msimsonnet.local>
* hashdeep/main.h (class file_data_t): removed full_name, as it is redundent with file_name
* hashdeep/multihash.cpp (multihash_update): moved hash_sum and hash_context from algorithm_t structure to file_info_t structure.
* hashdeep/main.h: removed state *s backpointer.
2011-06-14 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@alphonse-mucha.local.tld>
* hashdeep/main.h: changed hashname_t to hashid_t becuase it is an id number, not a name.
2011-06-14 Simson Garfinkel <>
* hashdeep/main.h: removed __BEGIN_DECLS and __END_DECLS; we are now a C++ program!
* hashdeep/hash.cpp: moved shorten_filename to display.cpp becuase the shortened filenames are just used in a particular case. we can set a flag to print them and generate them on the fly.
2011-06-12 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@imac3.home>
* hashdeep/main.cpp (main): s->cwd is now pre-allocated
* hashdeep/main.h (class file_data_t): timestamp moved to current_file
* hashdeep/multihash.cpp (multihash_update): moved *buffer from dynamic allocation to allocated withn the current_file.
* hashdeep/hash.cpp (hash_stdin): moved full_name,short_name and msg into current_file
* hashdeep/md5deep_match.cpp (parse_encase_file): increased buffer[] from 19 bytes to 64; why be stingy? It's no longer dynamically allocated.
(parse_encase_file): increased result from dynamically allocated at s->hash_length*2 to 1024.
2011-06-11 Jesse Kornblum
* display.cpp (display_size) Removed ten character limit on
displayed sizes. We now display the full size regardless
of mode.
2011-06-07 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* hashdeep/files.cpp (hash_file_type): known_fn changed from char * to char[PATH_MAX+1]
* hashdeep/main.h (class state): time_str is now a local variable, not in state.
* hashdeep/main.cpp (main): state and the other structures defined in main.h are now classes.
2011-06-04 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* hashdeep/hash.c (hash): s->full_name and tmp_name are now statically allocated arrays, rather than dynamcially allocated.
2011-06-02 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@alphonse-mucha>
* md5deep/ (INCLUDES): removed references to -lm as we no longer use floor.
* hashdeep/hashdeep.cpp (main): renamed to main.cpp
2011-06-01 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@alphonse-mucha>
* md5deep/hashTable.c: renamed to hashdeeb/md5deep_hashtable.c
* man/ moved all man pages into the man directory.
2011-06-01 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* hashdeep/sha1.c: made sha1.c include sha1.h but not main.h
2011-05-31 Simson Garfinkel <simsong@Alphonse-Mucha.local>
* changed version number to 4.0.0_alpha_000
* hashdeep/ (hashdeep_SOURCES): simplified list of files
* hashdeep/common.h: __progname is now always extern; on systems that are not GLIBC we include progname.c
* moved all includes from include/* to hashdeep; there is no reason to have an include/ directory since we are not building a library.
* added AC_PROG_CXX
* hashdeep/ (hashdeep_SOURCES): renamed main.c to hashdeep.cpp. Yes, we are now a C++ program!
2011-05-31 Simson Garfinkel <>
* md5deep/display.c: changed #include "main.h" to #include "md5deep.h"
* hashdeep/main.c: now includes md5deep.h if compiled for MD5DEEP, and main.h if compiled for hashdeep
* md5deep/md5deep.h: to avoid the name conflict, md5deep/main.h was renamed md5deep/md5deep.h
* hashdeep/hash.c: changed to use #ifdef MD5DEEP, which is now -D defined by md5deep/
* hashdeep/ (COMMON_SRC): updated to indicate that hash.c, dig.c, cycles.c, ui.c, helpers.c, md5.c, sha1.c, sha256.c, tiger.c, whirlpool.c now reside in this directory
* md5deep/ (whirlpooldeep_SOURCES): moved hash.c, dig.c, cycles.c, ui.c, helpers.c, md5.c, sha1.c, sha256.c, tiger.c, whirlpool.c from common/ to hashdeep/. Updated
* added initial comments as part of makefile
changing. The idea is to move C programs from common/ to hashdeep/
in preparation for removing 'common' and 'md5deep' entirely and
folding all of the functionality into the hashdeep program.
2011-05-23 Jesse Kornblum
* Resolved bug 3307444 regarding the prefix type for multipliers.
We're using IEC multipliers. Also, spelled multipliers
* Fixed a bug in find_bsd_hash, bug 3309339, to address when
a file of known hashes has a set of parenthesis. The
find_bsd_hash function was munging the line.
2011-04-23 Jesse Kornblum
* More cosmetic changes, this time to print correct offsets
for a zero-byte file being processed from stdin in piecewise
2011-04-22 Jesse Kornblum
* Cosmetic bug fix in hash.c to avoid calling ftell
when processing standard input.
2011-04-21 Jesse Kornblum
* Released version 3.9 with critical bug fix, 3290190.
* Added hashdeep64.exe to the CLEANFILES
2011-04-20 Jesse Kornblum
* Version bump to 3.9-001
* Added int _CRT_fmode = _O_BINARY; to hashdeep/main.c
to address bug 3290190, regarding processing stdin
in hashdeep.
2011-04-01 Jesse Kornblum
* Version bump to 3.8-002
* Experimenting with x64 compilation. Changed _tprintf calls
in md5deep/display.c to regular printf to fix problem with
missing displayed data.
* Commented out definition of _WIN32_WINNT in tchar-local.h.
The x64 compiler seems to have this already for us.
* Attempting to compile with x84_64-w64-mingw32 compiler.
2011-03-22 Jesse Kornblum
* Version bump to 3.8-001
* Fixed cosmetic bug for -p mode, SF bug 3234714.
2010-12-15 Jesse Kornblum
* Re-engineered how file sizes and reads are computed.
The inital guess of a file's size, via stat(2), is
now stat_bytes (and stat_megs). For each call of hash(),
we record the offset where we started, read_start, and
the offset where we ended, read_end. These mostly are for
piecewise mode. We also record actual_bytes, the total
number of bytes we read and hashes from the disk from the
whole file.
* Added some error checking to realpath() calls in
2010-11-29 Jesse Kornblum
* Fixed typo in hashdeep audit message
2010-11-23 Jesse Kornblum
* Renamed triage mode to more generic version
* Modified triage mode to use ASCII, not Unicode tabs
* Changed 'make world' directive to be based on Linux
Mingw32 compiler, i586-mingw32msvc
* Added conditional Unicode defines to tchar-local.h
2010-11-22 Jesse Kornblum
* Added Input/Output error to list of fatal errors when
reading files.
2010-11-19 Jesse Kornblum
* Added -Z flag for Triage mode
* Added some more error checking in md5deep/main.c functions
* Version bump to 3.7-002
2010-06-24 Jesse Kornblum
* Fixed return value in my_basename to reflect no error when
the input does not need any modifications. Addresses bug 3014396.
* Version bump to 3.7-001
2010-03-23 Jesse Kornblum
* Version bump to 3.6 and release
* Documented expert mode in hashdeep man page, getting started
guide. Also made a few tweaks to the md5deep documentation.
* Added some error checking routines to helpers
2010-03-06 Jesse Kornblum
* Cleaned up md5deep/main.h comment styles. Also added a field
to the state variable to keep track of the file's type. This
is was handy for...
* Updating file size computation to use results of stat
operation normally done anyway during dig phase.
2010-02-26 Jesse Kornblum
* Adding 'expert' mode from md5deep to hashdeep.
2010-02-25 Jesse Kornblum
* Changed all contact email addresses to research account at The 'md5deep' account will be deprecated.
2010-01-09 Jesse Kornblum
* Finished updating download links. Updated and published
Hashdeep quick start guide
2009-12-30 Jesse Kornblum
* Converting documentation update to use rsync+ssh to upload content
2009-12-29 Jesse Kornblum
* Version bump to 3.5.1
* Attempting to fix bug 2922415 involving zero byte files
* Added a few items to the TODO list
* Started web page cleanup
2009-12-21 Jesse Kornblum
* Attempting to fix bug 2919014 regarding hashdeep and its
failure to detect when files go missing during an audit
if there is another, identical file in a different location
* Cleanup on md5deep code for -f mode
* Revised list of new features for release 3.5
2009-09-24 Jesse Kornblum
* Again revised patch 2855502 to handle the last read of
files/stdin when no data is read. This happens when the
file size is an exact multiple of the piecewise size.
2009-09-16 Jesse Kornblum
* Updated broken link on web page for Whirlpool.
2009-09-09 Jesse Kornblum
* Applied a modified version of patch 2855502 to fix file size
computation for piecewise hashing of stdin.
2009-07-11 Jesse Kornblum
* Added draft of Hashdeep Getting Started guide
2009-07-10 Jesse Kornblum
* Fixed method to read list of files to hash from a file.
2009-06-14 Jesse Kornblum
* Experimenting with reading list of files to hash from another
file in md5deep.
2009-05-22 Jesse Kornblum
* Closed search handle in is_junction_point in response
to bug 2795587.
* Attempting to fix -n mode by removing check in is_known_hash
for NULL parameters.
2009-04-10 Jesse Kornblum
* Experimenting with stopping file read on "Invalid argument" errors
to avoid crashes on Win32.
2009-04-04 Jesse Kornblum
* Version bump to 3.3 and released.
2009-03-26 Jesse Kornblum
* Updated timestamp code to support 64-bit functions on Windows.
2009-03-01 Jesse Kornblum
* Experimenting by skipping *all* junction points on
Windows. We'll display a message with 'unknown' status
* Version bump to 3.3-002.
2009-02-08 Jesse Kornblum
* Removed email address from all files. Too many spammers, sorry.
2009-01-26 Jesse Kornblum
* Cleaned up code for version 3.2 release. Commented out NTFS
junction point detection for now.
* Applied patch 2535551 to to use LDADD variable
instead of AM_LDFLAGS.
2009-01-25 Jesse Kornblum
* Added experimental CSV mode, -c
2009-01-16 Jesse Kornblum
* Switching from /* comments to // comments in code to allow
for commenting out whole functions when necessary.
* Added sanity checking to helper functions, changed some variable
names from single character values to more descriptive names.
2009-01-15 Jesse Kornblum
* Removed vestigial code from include/md5.h and the other
algorithms in that directory. This was code that had been
commented out for a while now.
* Updated email address in this ChangeLog for all entries.
* Added include directory to the 'make preflight' directive
2009-01-14 Jesse Kornblum
* Fixed chop_line call against uninitialized variable
in hashdeep/match.c. Added sanity checking to chop_line
to keep this from happening again.
* Added file format documentation for hashdeep.
2009-01-09 Jesse Kornblum
* Changed hashdeep to break long command lines into multiple
lines in the headers of known files. Not doing so leads to
problems with extremely long lines. Those lines end up as
(harmless) warnings about bad hashes. See bug report 2496029
for more details.
2009-01-08 Jesse Kornblum
* Added detection and avoidance of NTFS Junction Points
to avoid infinite loops on Windows systems.
See bug report 2492520 for more details.
* Updated email address in AUTHORS file.
2008-10-22 Jesse Kornblum
* Rewrote the parsing of known files in hashdeep in response
to bug 2184219
relating to filenames with commas in them. We now determine
the expected number of columns from the header and use that
to parse the remainder of the file.
This should eventually allow us to remove our dependency on
* Fixed a minor hashdeep bug where hashes were considered
invalid if they contained too few characters, but not too many.
2008-09-25 Jesse Kornblum
* Updated hashdeep usage message to reflect that MD5 and SHA-256
are the default algorithms used, not SHA-1.
2008-09-23 Jesse Kornblum
* Changing stat functions on Windows to handle 64-bit
file sizes (i.e. call _tstat64 instead of _tstat)
2008-09-14 Jesse Kornblum
* Experimenting with new time estimation calculation
2008-08-13 Jesse Kornblum
* Updated contact email addres and reconfigured.
* Applied patch 2026326 to fix VPATH build for manpages.
2008-07-27 Jesse Kornblum
* Reconfigured with latest tools
2008-07-20 Jesse Kornblum
* Removed debugging code accidently left in files.c:
find_rigid_hash function.
2008-07-18 Jesse Kornblum
* Updated documentation to reflect Cygwin Ports support.
* Modified file_type function to record the file size of
each file processed. This should eliminate the need to
call stat again or the ioctl functions in hash.c and
hopefully speed up the program.
* Added timestamp to the output for size mode per Feature
Request 2014686. This should be the creation time on
Win32, change time for all other operating systems.
* Removed 'Experimental cast' tags from SHA256 and Tiger
hashing code. They appear to be working.
* In response to bug 2022302, updated time estimate display
to handle large time values, including those more than
one day.
2008-07-04 Jesse Kornblum
* Added -I mode to display filenames with asterisks for
hashes when size is above threshold. Compliments -i mode.
2008-07-04 Jesse Kornblum
* Removed SF Community Choice Awards from web page.
The nominations are closed.
* Added size mode, -i, to only process files smaller than
a given size threshold. Reused code from piecewise mode
to parse user input. Added to md5deep and hashdeep.
Added to SF at Feature Request 2010771.
2008-05-17 Jesse Kornblum
* Applied patch 1961973 to fix man page installation.
2008-04-18 Jesse Kornblum
* Updated files.c et al to handle iLook version 4 hashes.
These are similar enough that we can reuse most of the
iLook v3 routines.
2008-04-17 Jesse Kornblum
* Updated initial kludge to use iLook version 3 hashsets.
* The current version crashed on OpenSolaris during a malloc
in main.c. This is confusing as I wasn't working on this code.
2008-04-16 Jesse Kornblum
* Updated md5deep to use iLook version 3 hashes.
2008-03-29 Jesse Kornblum
* Changed WSTRINGS_EQUAL macro to make case sensitive comparisons
Changed case insensitive char comparsion macro to
* Fixed audit mode to return nonzero value for failed audit
* Fixed hashdeep known file import to only display errors once
2008-03-28 Jesse Kornblum
* Noted WSTRING_EQUAL macro is case insensitive in a spot
where we need it to be case sensitive.
2008-03-20 Jesse Kornblum
* Added ability for hashdeep to detect and ignore badly
formatted lines in files of known hashes.
2008-03-19 Jesse Kornblum
* Added phrase "and compare" to manpage description of
the programs. This will hopefully reinforce the idea
that md5deep cannot be replaced with one line of shell.
2008-03-18 Jesse Kornblum
* Added doc directory to hold FAQ and other web pages
2008-03-16 Jesse Kornblum
* Added missing space to hash collision message in audit.c
* Changed default behavior to always print hash collisions
2008-03-13 Jesse Kornblum
* Updated make world directive to make Windows package
* Updated COPYING to note more than one file under GPL
* Changed md5deep Makefile to explicitly name man
man pages in copy operation.
* Moved prototypes for process_normal and process_win32
to include/common.h to avoid compiler warnings and
* Cleaned up audit code slightly
* Fixed display banner to treat current working directory
as a Unicode string.
* Enabled and allowed the user load known files that have
different kinds of hashes in them.
* Version bump to 3.0. I've made so many changes to the
common code that it warrants the jump.
2008-03-12 Jesse Kornblum
* Added strsep (and appropriate autoconf/automake checks)
in place to ugly homebrew code to separate out string
values. This is for one instance in match.c, need to update
the others.
* While reading files on known hashes, convert filenames
to Unicode before storing.
* Changed NEWLINE on Win32 to be just "\n" instead of "\r\n"
There was a problem using files of known hashes and reading
the file header.
* Fixed parameters to and error checking from call to
MultiByteToWideChar in match.c. Not only we were passing in
the wrong values, but we were always error'ing out.
* Starting to update man page, TODO
* Moved piecewise parsing code from md5deep/main.c to
common/helpers.c. Enabled piecewise mode in hashdeep.
Also moved definition of _state to include/common.h.
* Added comments to and
* Made usage message dynamic to display available algorithms
2008-03-11 Jesse Kornblum
* Separated the functions to display positive and negative
match results. Cleaned up the function names for this too.
Also updated audit mode so that it appears to work.
* Documented -M and -X mode in usage message.
* Updated file_* types used in include/common.h to avoid
the conflict with file_unknown. Moved filetype_t to
include/common.h as well.
* Starting to write code to load files of known hashes
* Fixed obscure bug in md5deep/files.c when checking for
EnCase hash files when loading a very small known file.
2008-03-07 Jesse Kornblum
* Updating audit mode to not use is_known_file
function. This should help make the code cleaner.
* Fixed file_data_compare to handle files where
the first hash doesn't match but the rest of
them do.
* Added WSTRINGS_EQUAL(A,B) macro to compare two TCHARs.
2008-03-06 Jesse Kornblum
* Reworked hashtable code to return a linked list of
file_data_t values, complete with status values.
This required me to slightly alter how the program
stores the computed hashes. The current version works,
but is ugly as all get out. It's a great proof of
concept, that's all.
2008-03-04 Jesse Kornblum
* Working on hashdeep matching, auditing code
* Added a file_data_t, known, to the hashdeep state variable
2008-03-04 Jesse Kornblum
* Added spaces to recorded command line in output files.
2008-02-22 Jesse Kornblum
* Moved source code from CVS to Subversion repository.
This shouldn't create any changes in the code, but
should be noted.
* Version change to 2.1. No need for -001 anymore.
2007-12-27 Jesse Kornblum
* Fixed hashdeep current working directory and filesize display
when hashing standard input.
2007-12-11 Jesse Kornblum
* Got multihashing working. It turns out that the SHA-1
update code modifies the buffer that its passed.
2007-12-08 Jesse Kornblum
* Moved hash.c into the common code directory, adapting it
to work with both md5deep and hashdeep code. Moved display
code to a separate file.
* First working version of hashdeep!
2007-12-08 Jesse Kornblum
* Updated hashing headers to only be included once.
Included all hashing headers in common.h
* Modified hashing code to pass hashing context only into
hashing code. This requires void pointers, but avoids
the hashing code having to deal with the state at all.
* Moved md5deep man pages into the md5deep directory
2007-12-07 Jesse Kornblum
* Separated md5deep and hashdeep projects into separate
directories. Moved common code into include and common
directories. Man pages moved into man. It doesn't all
work just yet, but we're getting close.
2007-12-06 Jesse Kornblum
* Added common.h and ui.h to so that they
are included in a distribution.
* Copied more variables from md5deep source code to hashdeep state.
* Updated hashdeep usage message
* Version bump to 2.1-002
2007-12-05 Jesse Kornblum
* Reverting back to main.c and main.h from version 2.0.1.
Starting over on code for hashdeep
* Moved common header functions to common.h
* Created new files ui.h and audit.h to help reuse code in hashdeep
* Updated procedure to make README.TXT (Windows distribution
readme file) in so that it only has one copy of the
man page, not five.
2007-10-31 Jesse Kornblum
* Added stub for hashdeep program
* Moved state type out of main.h and into deep.h
2007-10-28 Jesse Kornblum
* Added additional checks in find_file_size to account for
older Linux systems that don't have all of the necessary
ioctl calls.
2007-10-16 Jesse Kornblum
* Incorporated patch from Yaakov Selkowitz to handle man page
copying when build dir is not the same as source dir.
(Sourceforge tracker #1814253)
2007-09-26 Jesse Kornblum
* Added second ioctl call in Linux version of find_file_size
to get the true sector size; don't just assume 512 byte
* Changed fseek call in hash.c to fseeko for large file support
* Removed spurrious -u: from getopt call in main.c
* Removed function checks from We weren't using
them to build support, so we shouldn't waste time checking
for them.
2007-09-25 Jesse Kornblum
* Created new function print_error_unicode to
handle errors encountered while processing
files with (possibly) Unicode characters in
their filenames.
* Added AC_SYS_LARGEFILE to configure script to
account for large files on Linux. This fixes
the file estimation mode (-e) for Liunx.
* Fixed find_file_size for block devices on OS X.
2007-09-24 Jesse Kornblum
* Updated error display for Unicode filenames in dig.c
* Fixed expert mode due to 64-bit values in int returns
2007-09-23 Jesse Kornblum
* Reverted back to old method of installing man pages.
When make install is invoked, current md5deep.1 is
copied over other man pages, which are all then
installed normally.
2007-09-22 Jesse Kornblum
* Switched to GNU autotools
* Moved list of past changes to NEWS file