PGB Example Core using the Cordova 'Geolocation' plugin using cli-6.0.0
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PGB Example Core using the Cordova 'Geolocation' plugin using cli-7.1.0

This app uses the Cordova 'Device' & 'Geolocation' plugins.

BUG The default build cli-6.5.0 did NOT work with the latest version (4.0.1) of the 'Geolocation' plugin. cli-7.1.0 is required. There are ten (10) build version available and at least six (6) plugins version that may work. I will try all sixty (60) combinations at a later time, but I fear this may be an Android forced upgrade - as this is the second time I am forced to use a later compiler. (Thanks to jcesarmobile for his notes)

Reminder make sure to turn off geolocation permission so you can test that aspect of the app.


  • navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition
  • navigator.geolocation.watchPosition
  • navigator.geolocation.clearWatch


  • enableHighAccuracy: Provides a hint that the application needs the best possible results. By default, the device attempts to retrieve a Position using network-based methods. Setting this property to true tells the framework to use more accurate methods, such as satellite positioning. (Boolean)
  • timeout: The maximum length of time (milliseconds) that is allowed to pass from the call to navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition or geolocation.watchPosition until the corresponding geolocationSuccess callback executes. If the geolocationSuccess callback is not invoked within this time, the geolocationError callback is passed a PositionError.TIMEOUT error code. (Note that when used in conjunction with geolocation.watchPosition, the geolocationError callback could be called on an interval every timeout milliseconds!) (Number)
  • maximumAge: Accept a cached position whose age is no greater than the specified time in milliseconds. (Number)

Android Quirks

If Geolocation service is turned off the onError callback is invoked after timeout interval (if specified). If timeout parameter is not specified then no callback is called.

Objects (Read-Only)

  • Position

    • coords: A set of geographic coordinates. (Coordinates)
    • timestamp: Creation timestamp for coords. (DOMTimeStamp)
  • PositionError

    • code: One of the predefined error codes listed below.
      • PositionError.PERMISSION_DENIED, PositionError.POSITION_UNAVAILABLE, PositionError.TIMEOUT
    • message: Error message describing the details of the error encountered.
  • Coordinates

    • latitude: Latitude in decimal degrees. (Number)
    • longitude: Longitude in decimal degrees. (Number)
    • altitude: Height of the position in meters above the ellipsoid. (Number)
    • accuracy: Accuracy level of the latitude and longitude coordinates in meters. (Number)
    • altitudeAccuracy: Accuracy level of the altitude coordinate in meters. (Number)
    • heading: Direction of travel, specified in degrees counting clockwise relative to the true north. (Number)
    • speed: Current ground speed of the device, specified in meters per second. (Number)

Android Quirks

altitudeAccuracy: Not supported by Android devices, returning null.