An attempt to play around with TCG's market prices.
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An attempt to play around with TCG's market prices.

This app saves a copy of the specified product as a local JSON file, and checks every 5 seconds if there is a change in the market value. If there is, an alert is displayed and the user is emailed of the change.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development.

API's Used

  1. TCGPlayer
  2. Mailgun

Initial Setup

You'll need to follow the instructions here to get your own BEARER token and replace it within in the getRequest() function.

"Authorization": "bearer YOUR_BEARER_TOKEN_HERE"

Required software

python 3

Recommended software


Check out this blog post I wrote on getting the TCG API setup with postman.

Required packages

requests, json

Running the app


Example run


  • I created this fancy GIF with asciinema. brew install asciinema and asciinema rec

Future Implementation

Check out the planned work in the issues.


Jesse Peplinski