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Command (website)

Making the web better with Slack-like slash commands.

Check out for more a demo, examples and installation.



  1. Install the Command extension here
  2. Type a slash command like /giphy in any text field
  3. Win!

Now, would you like to give it a try?

  1. Go to the welcome Github issue
  2. Click on the comment field at the bottom, say something witty, then type /giphy
  3. Add the perfect GIF

Current commands

  • /emoji - add emoji
  • /giphy - search and add a GIF
  • /help - learn how to use Command
  • /selfie - take and embed a selfie from your webcam
  • /spotify - search and share songs from spotify


To contribute, check out our Contributors Guide.


Thanks to @schovi for creating webpack-chrome-extension.