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RocA12 End Project. A small open world game with RPG elements such as multiple combat styles, fighting small enemies, npc's, quests system with the end objective: beating the boss. This project is a Unity 5.4.1 C# Game.
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Hero's Adventure

This project can be viewed on my portfolio website:

This is a Unity 5.4.1 C# Project Music and Sound Effects are made by Freaky Studio:

This is our end exam project for our game development education. The exam conditions are the following:

  1. The exam has a duration of 10 weeks, 8 of them is spend on programming.
  2. We need to find a class inside our school as the target audience.
  3. We need to discuss our inital gameplan with the target audience, let them give us some idea's and small demands and we try to make them fit within our plan and the game.
  4. We need to document an inital plan for the game, method of approach, make use of UML schemes such as usecase, activitydiagram and classdiagram.
  5. We make use of SCRUM in the realisation/programming fase.
  6. After a sprint with the duration of 2 weeks we test our game with the target audience and note their comments and what they like/dislike on a test document they fill in after testing.
  7. We make new priorities based on the test documents.
  8. After 4 sprints (8 weeks) we finish the documentation of the programming fase.
  9. We make a small presentation about the game and explain some of its code to our exam mentors.
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