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Box2D Flash Alchemy Port + World Construction Kit

Online Demos

World Construction Kit

Box2D Flash Alchemy Port

Box2D C++ Manual

Folder Structure

JSFL Scripts and Polygon Decomposition

Step-by-step WCK Quickstart in Flash CS4: Create 4 Walls and a Box

Other Resources:

Quickstart Guide With Screenshots at emanueleferonato.com

WCK Forum at box2d.org

Video Tutorial at theflashblog.com

Tutorial With Basic Game Mechanics at tutsplus.com


Erin Catto – Author of the C++ Box2D physics engine.
"BorisTheBrave" – Author of the native AS3 Box2D 2.1 port. Also contributed controllers and buoyancy.
“skatehead” – Original author of the native AS3 Box2D port.
Eric Jordan – Contributed polygon decomposition algorithms.
"sketchbookgames" – Various testing, contributions & feedback.
Jesse Sternberg – Author of the Alchemy Port & World Construction Kit.