Folder Structure

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A blank Flash project setup correctly to include the Box2D Alchemy Port and WCK library.


The C++ Box2D source code compiled into the Alchemy port.


The Box2D Alchemy Port. AS3 classes that interface the Box2D C++ library compiled with Alchemy.


The WCK demo Flash project.


Experiments and example implementations. Anything in here is subject to change and may not be documented.


Gravity component classes that can be extended in Flash to quickly provide custom gravity to WCK Worlds.


Flash utility classes. Much of WCK is based on this core package.


A Flash project that is used to “probe” the Box2D SWC. It generates read / write memory getters / setters that are used in the Box2DAS package to interface the Alchemy compiled Box2D library.


JSFL utility scripts for managing components and converting Flash art into Box2D physics objects.


Shape component classes that can be extended by Flash library symbols to quickly define shapes. These shape classes use the dimensions of the display object to define the shape.


Basic tests for the core Alchemy port.


World Construction Kit. Flash component classes for defining physics objects and properties within the Flash IDE.

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