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Tiller Multiarch

Sailing the seas of orchestration on any device you'd like.

CircleCI Docker Pulls

Nightly builds of Kubernetes Helm's tiller service as a multiarch Docker image. Using the Docker Image Manifest V2 API, we're able to support the three most common architectures with a single image:

  • amd64 (most PCs / cloud providers)
  • 64-bit ARM (stylized as either arm64 or aarch64, although there are subtle differences) This includes the majority of modern SBCs, including:
  • 32-bit ARM, armhf / armv7 / arm6l (older Raspberry Pi boards, Odroid XU4)

As mentioned above, images are built compliant with v2.2 of the Docker manifest API. No need to specify separate images for different architectures (particularly annoying if you have an architecturally heterogeneous cluster); the Docker client infers for you which image to pull.

Usage / deployment

Creating the tiller deployment with this image is as simple as running helm init and overriding the --tiller-image flag, i.e.:

$ helm init --tiller-image=jessestuart/tiller

Note that depending on your version of Kubernetes and your RBAC configuration, you'll likely need to create and specify a ServiceAccount as well, e.g.:

$ kubectl apply -f manifests/tiller-rbac.yaml
$ helm init --tiller-image=jessestuart/tiller --service-account tiller