A GitX clone for gtk+/GNOME (**moved to git.gnome.org**)
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= General Information =
gitg is a graphical user interface for git. It aims at being a small,
fast and convenient tool to visualize the history of git repositories.
Besides visualization, gitg also provides several utilities to manage your
repository and commit your work.

The latest version of gitg is 3.23.1.

Website:      https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Gitg
Bugs:         https://bugzilla.gnome.org/browse.cgi?product=gitg
Download:     http://download.gnome.org/sources/gitg/
Mailing list: http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/gitg-list

= Installing gitg =
To install the latest version of gitg, make sure to download gitg-3.23.1.tar.xz
from the download site. After downloading the following procedure installs

	$ tar Jxf gitg-3.23.1.tar.xz
	$ cd gitg-3.23.1
	$ ./configure
	$ make
	$ sudo make install

For more information on installing gitg, please see INSTALL.

= Building gitg from git =
The gitg repository is hosted on git.gnome.org. To build from git:

	$ git clone git://git.gnome.org/gitg
	$ cd gitg
	$ ./autogen.sh
	$ make

= Using gitg =
When gitg is installed, you can run gitg from the GNOME menu, or from a
terminal by issueing: 'gitg'. Type 'gitg --help' to show the options you can
specify on the command line.