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go-assets is a simple embedding asset generator and consumer library for go. The main use of the library is to generate and embed small in-memory file systems ready to be integrated in webservers or other services which have a small amount of assets used at runtime. This is great for being able to do single binary deployments with assets.

The Generator type can be used to generate a go file containing an in-memory file tree from files and directories on disk. The file data can be optionally compressed using gzip to reduce file size. Afterwards, the generated file can be included into your application and the assets can be directly accessed without having to load them from disk. The generated assets variable is of type FileSystem and implements the os.FileInfo and http.FileSystem interfaces so that they can be directly used with http.FileHandler.

See also go-assets-builder for a simple builder program using go-assets and exposing the generator as a command line application.

See for more information.

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