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go-flags: a go library for parsing command line arguments

This library provides similar functionality to the builtin flag library of go, but provides much more functionality and nicer formatting.

A short list of supported features:

  • Short names (-v)
  • Long names (--verbose)
  • Options with and without arguments (bool v.s. other type)
  • Options with optional arguments and default values
  • Multiple option groups each containing a set of options
  • Easy specification of options using field structs
  • Generate and print well-formatted help message
  • Passing remaining command line arguments after -- (optional)
  • Ignoring unknown command line options (optional)
  • Supports -I/usr/include -I=/usr/include -I /usr/include option argument specification
  • Multiple short options -aux
  • Supports all primitive go types (string, int{8..64}, uint{8..64}, float)
  • Same option multiple times (can store in slice or last option counts)
  • Supports maps, slices and function callbacks


 type Options struct {
     Verbose []bool `short:"v" long:"verbose" description:"Show verbose debug information"`

 opts := new(Options)

 parser := flags.NewParser("testapp")

 parser.AddGroup(flags.NewGroup("Application Options", opts))

 args, err := parser.Parser(os.Args[1:])

 if err != nil {
     if err != flags.ErrHelp {


More information can be found in the godocs:

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