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Spark, a Sketch library for UX designers
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Spark, a UX Library for Sketch

Spark is a Sketch library built by UX designers, for UX designers. It contains a variety of components, elements, text styles and tools to help you design faster and consistently. Save time by chucking this library into your project and get going!

How to Get Started

1. Download Roboto

Spark uses the free font family Roboto from Google across all of its components. To ensure full compatiblity, download the family and install it.

2. Get Familiar

The kit is comprised of multiple pages, organized by either platform or type of component. You can see the categorization spelled out below.

3. Start Designing

That’s all you need. The goal is this kit gives you more time to design than looking of all of the individual resources you’d need. We hope you love it as much as we do!

What's Included?

There is a lot of stuff in Spark - here’s how we’ve organized everything:


UI for Android apps based on Material design

Basic Components

Contains a variety of cross-platform and device-agnostic components


Commonly used charts for quick insert


Responsive symbols to create user flows and documentation

Form Fields

Commonly used form field items. States and icons within fields are manipulatable.


A subset of Font Awesome 5.0 icons in vector format, listed alphabetically


UI for Apple Devices based on iOS 11/12 SDK


Prepackaged form templates for common cases, like login and address collection


Preset font styles in white, gray and black, as well as all three alignments


Spark includes a few other resources by permission to round this out as a complete kit. Thanks to the following authors for partnering with us to deliver the library:

Donnie Suazo | User Flow Symbols |

Jeff Broderick | Cursors |

Tran Mau Tri Tam | Font Awesome Icons |

Great Simple | Android Kit |

How to Contribute

There are two ways to contribute: feature requests and pull requests.

Feature Requests

Simply create an issue and tag it with enhancements. To keep things simple, use this format:

Platform: [Web][iOS][Android][Other]
Name: NameOfThingy
- Feature 1
- Feature 2
- Feature 3

Pull Requests

You can fork the file and add/make changes to things and set up a pull request. We will review and integrate changes when possible. A few rules:

  • Don't change the name of things - this will actually break off old symbols, and that's a bugger.
  • Make sure additions scale well and use the native Roboto font for any text.
  • Be detailed in what you have done so we can quickly respond to the request.

Spark is brought to you by the folk over at Dragon Army, a digital agency in Atlanta with a penchant for Doing Good.

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