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and others added some commits Dec 30, 2014
@jessewebb Add semi-colon to the end of each bind command 9725bb8
@jessewebb Add post-test verification of expected mocked HTTP requests 124ddf3
@jessewebb Add version as URL query parameter to JSON data requests to prevent c…
@jessewebb Merge branch 'gh-pages' into dev a24de21
@jessewebb Merge branch 'gh-pages' into dev cf84da5
@jessewebb Merge branch 'gh-pages' into dev f12f032
@jessewebb Merge branch 'gh-pages' into dev 11b117e
@jessewebb Merge branch 'gh-pages' into dev 835213c
@jessewebb Merge branch 'gh-pages' into dev e092385
@jessewebb Update comment for GA App / Screen Tracking 23c7712
@jessewebb Track # of key binds generated f6b7d37
@jessewebb Fix bug caused by $routeChangeSuccess being triggered with an undefin…
…ed title
@jessewebb Update jquery to version 2.1.3 90487df
@jessewebb Update AngularJS to version 1.3.12 18a285c
@jessewebb Fix bug with Generator page's self nav link 4bb0da4
@jessewebb Update Bootstrap to version 3.3.2 51537ce
@jessewebb Update Angular UI Bootstrap to version 0.12.0 238a550
@jessewebb Fix some more inline checkbox/radio/label alignment issue 8ca68e3
@jessewebb Update Jasmine to version 2.2.0 87269ee
@jessewebb Update ngClip to version 0.2.6 3d54c3d
@jessewebb Update ZeroClipboard to version 2.2.0 44ac0ad
@jessewebb Update versions of 3rd party libs 9d20449
@jessewebb Update versions of 3rd party libs e941810
@jessewebb Fix 'Modal backdrop broken with bootstrap 3.3.1' bug with angular-ui/…
@jessewebb Rename Single-Key to 'Single Key' 0382d86
@jessewebb Issue #2 - Add key-recognition control to SKG for inputting Key to Bind 66246a2
@jessewebb Change "Copy to Clipboard" button icon to be an actual clipboard b8d4606
@jessewebb Issue #2 - Fix incorrect key code mappings for function keys 129ded5
@jessewebb Issue #2 - Fix key-recognition button from having black text when it …
…should have white
@jessewebb Issue #2 - Re-label key-recognition control button to "Press Any Key" 7d5fa3c
@jessewebb Add proper GitHub Octocat mark icon on GitHub project link button c32d131
@jessewebb Add favicon to website caae460
@jessewebb Add standard keyboard keys to list of bindable keys e835ebd
@jessewebb Remove Windows and Menu keyboard keys from list of bindable keys 6e93313
@jessewebb Remove `/~ keyboard key from list of bindable keys (has no bind in CS…
@jessewebb Issue #2 - Fixed some bugs related to how the SKG key-recognition con…
…trol used PointerLock
@jessewebb Issue #2 - Refactored out the SKG key-recognition control into a pres…
…sAnyKeyButton directive
@jessewebb Add Twitter share button and #Buynds Tweet conversation box to home page a7860a7
@jessewebb Add Facebook like/share button to home page d9ea455
@jessewebb Move full Release Notes to About page, Home page just has latest now 2f81dc5
@jessewebb Add Travis CI build configuration to run Javascript tests using npm, …
…Karma, & Jasmine
@jessewebb Git ignore node_modules/ dir 93feefc
@jessewebb Specify explicit Jasmine version and attempt to show passing tests in…
… Travis CI
@jessewebb Add Travis CI build status image to About page and README 4677579
@jessewebb Updated version to 0.8.0-dev (pre-release) dae9c61
@jessewebb Configured Facebook App ID b574173
@jessewebb Added useful Travis CI documentation URLs 94e778a
@jessewebb Add Nav Keys to Multi-Key Generator 8eba627
@jessewebb Add Arrow Keys to Multi-Key Generator 8961fa1
@jessewebb Make form groups on Multi-Key Generator collapsible 007d710
@jessewebb Add collapsible Function Keys to Multi-Key Generator 20defba
@jessewebb Change collapse buttons' colors when bind options exist for its key g…
…roup in Multi-Key Generator
@jessewebb minor CSS file cleanup 232bea9
@jessewebb add header comments to JavaScript files fa6504f
@jessewebb add header comments to JavaScript test files 4bf3cb7
@mike-u mike-u Changed taser name to Taser to fix bug 965710d
@jessewebb Remove semi-colon from the end of each bind command (doesn't work in …
@jessewebb Add Google AdSense banner ads d5e4ea2
@jessewebb Move banner ad on About page 9ba67b4
@jessewebb Merge pull request #7 from mike-u/dev
Changed taser name to Taser to fix #6
@jessewebb Re-format data JSON files with 2 spaces a485fa4
@jessewebb Improve favicon by forming "B" out of blue buttons e3b72f2
@jessewebb Added release note for version 0.8 274f0fe
@jessewebb Update Home page screenshot of Generator c901243
@jessewebb Update version to 0.8 86da45b
@jessewebb Update version to 0.8.0 37ab871
@jessewebb jessewebb changed the title from Release version 0.8 to Release version 0.8.0 Dec 7, 2015
@jessewebb jessewebb merged commit a1689cf into gh-pages Dec 7, 2015

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@jessewebb jessewebb deleted the v0.8-rc branch Dec 7, 2015
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