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NodeJs application created to make delivering executive education programs easier.
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Why ExecEd App

As an operations manager in executive education, few things are more challenging than sourcing case studies, articles, books and more from faculty and attaining copyright for these items. Once that difficult step has been completed, an operations manager must deliver these materials to program participants who are generally unfamiliar with most learning portals and struggle to download and keep track of their materials. Exec Ed App strives to eliminate these issues for both the organizers and participants of executive education programs. With this app, administrators can source from a database of uploaded and copyright-paid materials, and seemlessly deliver this to their participants.

What is ExecEd App

ExecEd App is simple. Administrators not only have the ability to upload the materials and files their participants need, but they are also able to create detailed program schedules that reflect the participant experience.

By assigning materials to sessions (i.e. Monday's 9-11am slot is one session with 2 readings that are required), participants are able to keep track of what needs to be read or completed by when. Gone are the hundred-page long course packs! Participants can check in to a beautiful, streamlined user interface to see what needs to be completed before embarking on a meaningful training program!

Additionally, administrators have the ability to create and manage admin and participant accounts and schedules, thus making it so that participant groups do not have to endure the extra step of creating accounts.


Landing Page

Admin View

Participant View

Check It Out

Should you decide to explore the Admin role, use the login: password:1234

Should you decide to explore the Participant role, use the login: username: password: 1234

Technology Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB, Bootstrap

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