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fullstack project allowing you to make fun bets with your friends about the things neither of you want to do
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Why TaskBet

It's a fact - everyone's got a task that they don't want to do. Sometimes, you need the extra push to complete it. Has your mom ever said "I'd pay you to get your room clean!". Or has your partner ever remarked "I'd pay anything to never have to wash a dish again!". This is the app that helps you and your friends push each other to complete those pesky tasks by betting on them.

What is TaskBet

TaskBet is easy! Logon, describe your task, define your wager (this task, for this reward) and send it to a friend! Your friend can either beat you to it and win, or they can keep track of your progress on the task and push you to complete it! Either way, reap the benefits by increasing your productivity or gaining rewards!


No screenshots yet as this project is in progress.

Technology Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Redux, MongoDB, Bootstrap

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