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Tutorials, templates, etc. for other students
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Resources for Others

This repository contains a smattering of tutorials and example documents that I've created to make others' lives a bit easier than mine was in trying to learn LaTeX and other things.

LaTeX Templates

  1. Template for Writing - A general template for writing a manuscript, etc. You can either download the .zip file included here, or clone the Overleaf project at:
  2. Proposal Template - A generic template for writing a thesis or dissertation proposal. You can either download the .zip file here, or clone the Overleaf project at:
  3. Research Log Template - A template for keeping track of bioinformatics work (or any kind of research). Keeping a “lab notebook” for computer-based analyses is crucial for open and reproducible science, and has made a HUGE difference for me in streamlining my analyses (no matter how many times I have to re-do them). Different people have different things that work for them, but this is what has worked for me for integrating code, figures, and commentary across different types of analysis (i.e. some cluster computing, some R analysis, some GUI program work, etc). You can either download the .zip file here, or clone the Overleaf project at:
  4. Academic CV Template - This is a general template for a CV, geared toward the style of CV used in academia in the (biological) sciences. Everyone has different opinions on how CVs should look, but this is what I've come up with for myself (you can see what my CV using this template looks like here: You can either download the source files here, or copy the Overleaf project at:


  1. Integrating R Analyses with Overleaf - I wrote up this tutorial to explain how to incorporate R Markdown documents into Overleaf (V2) documents, as it pretty much blew my mind when I learned that the two could talk to each other. Just think, you can run your analyses in your R Markdown file, create figures, and they’ll update in your manuscript on Overleaf! What more could you want in life?!? PDF document with tutorial (R_Overleaf_Integration.pdf) and associated script, as well as latex-rmd.sty package can be downloaded here.
  2. Using Make - Not a tutorial of my own, but my colleague Josh Harrison has developed a tutorial on how to use Make as a part of your reproducible research workflow. I'd highly recommend checking it out and contemplating how this tool might just make your life 100x easier!
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