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HeartBeat 💜

This is an application for anyone with the age between 18 and 30 who is looking for someone to spend the rest of his/her life with. HeartBeat focuses on someone's taste in music. In that way you can find someone who shares the same interests musically and the rest will follow.


As I mentioned before, HeartBeat is an application for anyone with the age between 18 and 30 who is looking for someone to spend the rest of his/her life with, and it focuses on someone's taste in music. While that's been said, let's take a look at every page of the website and see what you can do there. I'll give you a little tour around.

Ofcourse, the first thing you see is the home page. On this page the user will get a short introduction about the website and hopefully this will trigger the user to sign up. Or login if he/she already has an account.

If the user decides to sign up, these are the pages he'll have to go through. The first 3 pages are questions about music, and on the last page the user puts the general information. After finishing these steps the user has signed up and the account is made.

After this, the user has made an account. Yay! The user will then login to his account, and go to the page where he can see all his matches. This is a list of people who 'match' with your interests. From there you can go and take a look at someone's account. Important: you won't be able to see someone's profile picture until you've been talking to them for a couple of days. A little notification about that pops up on the matches page so the user knows. From the matches page the user can take a look at their profiles and send them a message.

By pressing the 'mijn profiel' button, the user can view his own profile. If the user isn't happy about his profile, or just wants to change it, he or she can do this by pressing the 'wijzig profiel'. You can also delete your account by pressing 'verwijder mijn profiel'.

How to install

To install it, you will need to follow a few steps.

- Clone it onto your computer.
First you want to change directory in your terminal, to the folder where you want to install the application.
You can do so by running cd with the folder, in your terminal. For example:
cd server (if the folder is called server)

After this you want the clone the repository. You can doing by running the following command in your terminal:

git clone

- Download extra's.
If you don't have node installed, install it.
To make a package.json file you have to run the following in your terminal:

npm init

You will need to install the following packages by running the npm install command in your terminal:

After this you will be able to see what packages you installed in your package.json file.

Start server

Now you're able to start the server. Do this by running the following command:

node index.js


index.js is the main file of the project. This contains all the main code. Like the code that makes the server and the functions for every page. This file keeps everything together.


There are also 2 folders in the main directory. These are views and static. views contains all the ejs templates for every page. static contains static files like css files and images. These are the files that don't change. That's why they're called static.

index.js structure

The index.js file consists of variables, express requests, and a lot of functions. In that order. I'll show you some of the code I used and why I used it.

var express = express("ejs")
var ejs = require("ejs")

The code above is how I required the packages I used and put them in a var. In this way, instead of having to pick up the packages every time you use them, you can just pick them up once and use them over and over.

Under here you see a post request and a get request. The post request is used when someone signs up, so the user posts something. The get request is used when the user wants to get something from the page. /start is the route where the user goes. start behind that is the function that will be invoked when this happens."/register", upload.single('img'), register)
app.get("/start", start)

The code underneath is the what the function start looks like. This is a very simple function. All it does is it takes you to the start page.

function start(req, res) {


I used the mySQL database.

How it works

How to install mySQL:

  • Install Homebrew
  • brew update
  • brew install mysql
  • Make a connection in your server.js with MySQL

Log in to your own table:

mysql -u your-username -p

Once mySQL is up and running, you can make your table. Do this by running the following in your command line:

  column2 TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8,
  column3 TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8,
  column4 TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8,
  column5 TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8,

Add a row:

INSERT INTO tablename (title, plot, description) VALUES (
  'Evil Dead',
  'Five friends travel to a cabin in …',
  'Five friends head to a remote cabin, …'

Add a column:

 ALTER TABLE tablename
 ADD type BLOB;

Edit the table:

UPDATE tablename SET column = 'data' WHERE column= 'data';

See the table:

SELECT * FROM tablename

My tables

I have 2 tables in my database. The first one is called accounts and the second one is called messages.

The accounts table contains all the users.

id name age place email password gender type img
1 Tim Bosch 22 Utrecht timbosch male female NULL
2 Jos Baars 28 Friesland josbaars11 male female NULL
3 Jessie Mason 23 Groningen jessiemason2 female male NULL

The message table contains the messages people send to eachother.

id chatting me other
1 Hey!! 4 7
2 Hey, how are you? 7 4
3 Fine thanks! 4 7

To Do List

Here you can see all my plans I had before I started the project, and which of these plans I fulfilled.

  • Let user login, logout
  • Let user sign up
  • Let user delete and edit account
  • Let user filter the matches on a preference
  • Use consistency
  • Add a
  • Make a repository on github and put everything in it
  • Add a database and tables
  • Add a license
  • Hash passwords



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