a first elm app. Hits the github API for events for a hard-coded repository.
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Sydron: github events visualized

Hey, it's a start. Mostly I'm playing around with Elm.

The Front end of the Future

This project was created for my talk at React Rally 2015, also delivered at Rails Remote Conf 2015. Here are some resources for people who want more information after that talk:

Slides Video [Slides from Rails Remote Conf]


Functional programming in Ruby Contracts as Types, in Clojure GraphQL by Lee Byron


See it in action

Visit Sydron, and type your repository's owner and name into the form to see a replay of some events.

Run it yourself

To run this, install Elm, then

elm-package install
elm-make src/Sydron.elm
open index.html

What does it do

The program hits the Github events API for the repo, retrieves a page of events, and then plays them back one at a time.

The person who triggered the events gets their picture on the screen, and it's highlighted for each event they triggered.

What is the point

You can't see it yet, but the goal is for people to see what's going on in their organization, and get an idea that developers are working, and what they're working on. It works equally well for remote as in-office work.

SYD in Sydron stands for Survey Your Domain. It comes from this user story: "As a Director, I want to look out over the cube walls and see all the people diligently working for me." Can we get the same feeling without requiring everyone to drive to an office daily?

The other use cases are more personal: "As a member of a remote team, I want situational awareness - who is working on what with whom? Who might be interruptible when I need help? Who might know about this topic?" In an office, we get some of this awareness, but we could get more.

Currently the app hits the Github API only. It's easy, and a good start. It will be more useful if it brings in Trello, Slack, Zoom (somehow), Google Calendar. With a little deliberate communication, we could get much better situational awareness than an office gives us.

But for now, I'm playing with Elm :-)