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The name is a tron-ification of "generative."

The objective is to have generators of random data that can be built up from small to large.

I don't actually want to do the data generation; instead, use other libraries (currently rantly) to do that. The point is to wrap that in a class that lets you build in modifications.

This is roughly based on ScalaCheck generators, or would be if I ever flesh it out.

The talk

Generative Testing for Better Code, my presentation for Steel City Ruby and Windy City Rails, 2014.

This is a demo library for that.

Here are some links to other things mentioned in the talk:

John Hughes' important paper: Why Functional Programming Matters

The examples of tests around a web service:

The example of converting from an example test to a property test, slowly (check the commit history for the evolution):

The ScalaCheck version of this talk: ScalaCheck with Prisoners Dilemma

Video from Windy City Rails