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my cozy vim config ^_^

uses gmarik/vundle to manage plugins, plugin list in bundles.vim

download, setup:

cd ~/code
git clone git://
cd vim-setup-jessor
git clone git:// bundle/vundle
vim -u bundles.vim +BundleInstall +qall
cd bundle/Command-T/ruby/command-t && rvm use system ; ruby extconf.rb && make
cd ~
ln -s ~/code/vim-setup-jessor .vim
ln -s ~/.vim/.vimrc


insert mode:

  • F2 - toggle mode keeping the original indentation when pasting

normal mode:

  • F1 - switch to previous buffer
  • F2 - switch to next buffer
  • F3 - toggles word wrapping
  • F4 - toggles line number display
  • F5 - toggle indent-guides
  • F6 - toggle Gundo undo tree
  • F7 - toggle hilighting of all search results in document
  • F8 - toggles NERDTree
  • F9 - toggles Taglist (shows an index of functions and variables in the buffer)
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