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pagetitle: '#woot zeitgeist'
pagedesc: 'media collected by irc nerds'
session_secret: 'change this!'
# Database Configuration
# for adapter 'mysql' set keys host, username, password
# database and encoding
adapter: 'sqlite3'
database: './zeitgeist.db'
encoding: 'utf8'
items_per_page: 10
fingerprint_threshold: 7
domain: ''
subdomain_users: false
# how many items should be included in feeds
feed_max: 45
# temporary path for remote file/media downloading
remote_temp: '/tmp'
# user agent used for remote crawling
agent: 'Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Zeitgeist/git; +'
# show api secret as a qrcode, (for use in the android app)
active: false
# carrier creates thumbs and moves images to their storage
# temporary directory, used for thumbnail creation:
temp: '/tmp'
# local path to assets:
local_path: './public/asset'
# web/public url to assets:
web_path: '/asset'
# uses rbot integrated webservice to announce new items,
# this uses my rbot-fork ( and the
# zg plugin for rbot, create a user for it like this:
# user create zgeist changeme
active: false
uri: 'https://localhost:7260'
ssl_verify: true
username: 'zgeist'
password: 'changeme'
# environment dependent configuration, merged based on env
session_secret: 'change this!'
items_per_page: 25
session_secret: 'change this!'
pagetitle: 'the localhost zeitgeist'
pagedesc: 'media collected by a lonely developer'
session_secret: 'change this!'
items_per_page: 50
datamapper_logger: :debug # show sql queries for debugging
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