Learn ES6's Iterators & Generators in this interactive Javascript workshop.
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ESNext Generation Interactive Workshop

Javascript: The final frontier.

In this journey, we will explore the strange new worlds of ES6 Iterators and Generators.

We will seek out new ways to loop; new iterations.

We will boldly code what no one has coded before!


Make sure you are using node.js >= 0.11.15 (or any version of iojs), otherwise your generator code may not execute correctly.

Getting Started

$ npm install -g esnext-generation
$ esnext-generation # or, shorter: esng

Select the first lesson using arrow keys, then press , and follow the prompts.


Be sure to check your work first, which can often provide hints:

$ esnext-generation verify <your-file.js>

If you're still having troubles, post a question in the nodeschool issues repository: http://bit.ly/esnext-generation-question


This workshop was originally created for CampJS V - a weekend long unconference in Melbourne, Australia.


Pull Requests are welcome!

This is a truly open open source project: If your contributions are of a high quality, I will give you push permissions to make direct changes in the future.

Support Development

If you like the workshop, consider buying me a beer with Bitcoin: