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Linux Device Drivers 3 examples library, updated for newer kernel versions
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ldd3-examples: an updated version of the Linux Device Drivers 3 example library

Source is freely available at


Linux Device Drivers 3 (, comes with an example library written
for the 2.6.10 kernel (get the tarball at Many of the kernel APIs have
changed since then, and most of the examples no longer compile or work against
more recent kernels.

This project aims to update the examples library to be compatible with newer
kernels, with a minimal diff. This means it doesn't include fixes for errata
( or remove compiler
warnings that are present in the original example library.

Compiling the examples

Without editing the Makefiles, most examples error out during compilation
because of CFLAGS error. One way to get around this is to compile with the
KBUILD_NOPEDANTIC environment variable set. For example, to build the whole
library, from within the examples/ directory you could:

$ make




Please send bugs reports, comments, and suggests to
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